Friday, April 2, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Hi all,

I am pleased to let you know that, together with my sponsors, we raised $380. for St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation in Hamilton - yippee! I have to admit that the fundraising was an afterthought. When I mentioned that I was participating in Around the Bay many of my friends expressed interest in contributing to the cause and so I figured why not put it out there through the blog.

Days before the walk people e-mailed me their best wishes. And after I'd done it, when I phoned friends about other matters (before I could get a word out) they asked how I was doing and what it was like to walk 30K.

Your support - financial and otherwise is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

Now I feel I've earned the right to wear the commemorative shirt, given to all the participants in our pre-race kit, with OLDER THAN BOSTON proudly emblazoned on the back although Rod said, "you may not want to be wearing that in public they might get the wrong idea". Nice guy. This is a case when it sucks to have grey hair and be over 50.

He knows about being typed, ALF W (my trusty Ford Escort) broke down on Monday night and we had to call CAA for a tow. As we stepped out of the car the tow truck driver (who must have been in his 30's) said, "what can I do for you young fella" OUCH! I'm not proud to admit that psychically part of me stepped away from the "old guy" to escape being labelled as ancient by association; old folks stand to the right, us youngsters to the left.
As I write this I'm listening to Kermit the Frog's rendition of the song THE RAINBOW CONNECTION courtesy of Rod who's surfing the music on the internet. It's nostalgia night on the airwaves here at the Thacker/Waterman abode as my guy's music taste drifts back into the last century. Now he's tormenting me with snippets from some '60's groups and quizzing me with, "who is this?" Though I recognize the music the names escape me as he goes through: Peter and Gordon, Leslie Gore, Ricky Nelson, the Righteous Brothers and more. He can, and has been doing this for hours. This, I've concluded, is a guy thing.

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