Thursday, April 8, 2010

computer play

OK - I got this image in by using the old PC and HP scanner and camera wizard. Scanned it in and posted it using the PC and now I'm on the MAC entering in this text. I don't dare touch it in case it disappears and I'll have to do the whole thing over again.

I cut up the panels and entered this one right side up on the scanner bed, but wasn't able to manipulate it on the PC.

Help on Blogger takes an age; lots of time spent sorting out a bazillion comments and recommendations. So I will be using trial and error and recording my findings over the next while until I can enlist someone's help. A friend of mine has offered up her son's help though I don't know if he knows it yet, we'll see.

And the text isn't moving around the picture as I'm entering it...OK it just made a liar out of me, but that doesn't mean that it's going to appear this way in the post.

We'll see, I'll be right back...

I'm back. The text wasn't wrapped around but should be in the next few lines or so. Umm, hmm,, how are you doing? I'm doing OK myself. The day's cold, overcast and there's been some rain but other than that I can't complain.

OK it should have wrapped around by now, I'll be right back...

Yup, it wrapped around beginning with the "I'm back" line.

Well, at least the photo problem seems sorted out as you can see by the posts I've entered since Da Agony of De Feet. And, you know the odd thing is all of a sudden I just got it. I don't know how or what "it" was, but I can now even move the pics around the text. So, maybe this is how learning this stuff happens and some morning I'll wake up and... EUREKA ... excuse me I'll be right back...

Oh, I just discovered that back there, that change in text which came up on the blog. This is new to me; very cool.

As I was saying, maybe one day I'll wake up and just be able to scan and enter the cartoons in without a thought because my conscious mind has given up the ghost and let the subconscious put all the pieces together while I've been in dream land. Many huge scientific discoveries were made this way so it could happen (I'll tell you more about this fact later).

So, I probably should go. I'm working on de-cluttering my time and my mind which means: spending the minimum amount of time on something in order to get the maximum results, uni-tasking, following up on a sort of schedule/goal list and distracting my mind with positive action to counteract negative rumination.

Have a great day all! OOOps, good timing, my timer just went off, computer time is over and it's time to move on to another commitment.

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