Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I simply remember my favourite things

The phantom editor strikes again. She e-mailed the cover for the anthology for contributors to vote on which I think is a nice gesture. It looks really good too! But, until I have an actual book that I can hold in my hot little hands, I'm viewing this whole event as just a figment of my imagination.

If it ever happens you'll hear about it here.

If it does happen before my 58th birthday I'll have kind of have met one of my goals which was to have a book published by the age of 57. I was working on the material in Brian Henry's classes (see link in my favourites). The title of my proposed book is LIFE AT 139, a bitter-sweet observation of my parent's journey (in particular, Dad's) through old age and my childhood memories of our eccentric household. Bits and pieces of it will appear in this blog under the label Life at 139.

9 other goals I've been blessed to be able to achieve (if not fully, I got close enough to be satisfied) in my life are:
  1. TO SURF - I learned how to surf in Costa Rica in 2008. A childhood dream come true! I'm totally hooked. Any warm place we go with surf...I'll be surfing from now on.
  2. SYNDICATION OF MY CARTOON STRIP — worked on it for 4 years solidly, intermittently since then. Syndication didn't happen but it was published as STRETCHMARKS in YOGA CENTRE OF VICTORIA NEWSLETTER and other material as THACKER in MONDAY MAGAZINE in Victoria, B.C. and elsewhere. The label Thacker cartoon will bring them up in the blog.
  3. WORK ON A NATIONAL FILM BOARD FILM. I was cel painter on Ellen Besen's animated film ILLUMINATED LIVES - a Brief History of Women's Work in the Middle Ages. This was a fantastic experience and I was so impressed with Ellen's talent and intelligence and am totally in awe when I think about the passion and dedication it takes to be an independent animator. It also showed me I don't have what it takes to be one so I'm very happy with this accomplishment.
  4. EAT FISH AND CHIPS OUT OF NEWSPAPER ON THE BRIGHTON PIER. And for dessert — soft ice cream cone; a memorable evening.
  5. SNORKEL AND DIG MY FEET INTO SUN WARMED SAND ON A CARIBBEAN BEACH — totally unexpected bonus it was my honeymoon in Antigua in '86
  6. CANOE TRIPPING IN ALGONQUIN PARK — me and 5 guys (the other women bailed). But it was great and aside from the joy of exploring the vast wilderness a highlight was sitting in a tree, straight out of a Tom Thompson (member of the group of 7) painting, bathed in a warm, red, blazing sunset after a long day of paddling.
  7. BE DROPPED OFF ALONE ON AN ISLAND FOR A FEW DAYS. Rod and I did this on Flowerpot Island a number of years back. Not quite alone, there were 3 other occupied campsites a fair distance from us (populated by low key individuals like ourselves in search of solitude, peace and quiet) and a tugboat or 2 dropped people off for day trips so they could swim off the rocks on the far side of the island. But after 5 p.m., when they were picked up, the sense of isolation was extremely satisfying.
  8. LIVE AT AN ASHRAM — in 1978 I lived at Yasodhara Ashram: stayed on a tent on the beach, worked in the garden, lived the yogic life — had the supreme honour of studying with my guru Swami Radha.
  9. GO TO PARIS - stayed in quaint hotels, just like I'd imagined they'd be, in Paris. Sat at roadside cafes lingering over croissants, crepes and cappaccino as I people-watched; spent a glorious fall evening atop the Eiffel Tower overlooking the city of lights with Rod and sketched in the Musee d'Orsay!
So, when I feel bummed about whatever my mind chooses to be bummed about I just remember things like this, take in those good feelings, spread them around and realize there are many more goals I've achieved and many yet to come. I've got a lot to feel grateful for.

The flowers are from my garden make me smile and are another thing to be grateful for. You see one reason why I love tulips — these ones open up their bright and shining yellow faces to the sun and then close up, exposing their red under-side, around 5p.m. The pics don't do them justice!


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