Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will you please put your hand down!

Went to the MAC class tonight and found it much more interesting than the first one. I think the whole point is to follow along on your computer — duh.

So there I was happily tapping along with Dave our teacher as I explored all that could be done in Safari. Lots of great organizational ideas which I love as I do love to organize and put things into systems for some reason, just the same way I like bags and decorative boxes. Within no time I became mesmerized as I attempted to customize my toolbar, becoming deaf to his ongoing instructions. I didn't snap out of it until I realized that he was off and running on some other task.

It amazes me how unabashedly I can just admit before a room full of people that I am a total idiot who needs more assistance. As a teacher myself I realize that often people are too timid to ask what may seem to be a dumb question, but not me; I also realize that no question is too stupid to ask. For every person who speaks up there are always a few others in the class who have the same question.

For teachers who really don't like to teach I am your worst nightmare: I am the student who's hand shoots up like a nervous twitch; the one who makes you turn to address the other side of the room to avoid seeing this gesture; I'm the one who'll pursue the question til I understand the answer; I am the one who loves to learn. For Dave that meant there were a few times I had to say, "Nope, I still don't get it. I'll have to see you after class," (the prospect of which thrilled him no end, I'm sure). I said this, not because he was unwilling to take the time, but because I was - I knew he had territory to cover and I didn't want to risk being the object of a class lynching (there were a number of students quicker on the uptake than I - q'el surprise).

I have one more class next week. We'll be introduced to i-photo. Boy, do I have a lot of questions about that! Then I'm on my own. Well, not quite. It seems my friend's son (brave soul that he is) is going to rise up to the challenge (for a mutually acceptable fee) of being my MAC tutor.

I have promised to do heavy duty, intensive meditation in preparation for our sessions.

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