Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photographic Evidence of Lifes little wonders

Gravity Assistant proudly on duty at all times, doing a great job keeping everything nailed down which would otherwise fly around due to the force of the earth spinning and careening through space. We can all breathe a heavy sigh of relief knowing that millions like her are out there. If not for her tireless effort, the knitting needles inside the bag would have escaped and poked my eyes out by now. Thanks, Gravity Assistant!

DCSI - REPORT FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF THE DOMESTIC CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR - undeniable evidence that this is the home of a married couple. The last person at the scene of the crime was the husband.

I rest my case.

Sweet Shop or a Health Shop or just what the heck goes on in there? My husband, at first glance thought it was a sweet shop (until we saw the words Health Centre) because of the bubble gum and Kool Aid colours plus it's got what looks like a cute little wrapped candy above the i. All I know is that it sits between the COP SHOP (a bar) and THE LOVE SHOP (a, well you know, a love shop full of all kinds of naughty-fun stuff) all of which doesn't shout to me — "COME IN AND BE HEALED".

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