Sunday, May 5, 2013


I can't believe my last post was Mar 10th. I have entered 2 posts since then in the blog at AWAKENING CHOICE DREAMS, my website on dreams - The Missing Manual and Magical Mythstory Tour. I tend to hibernate towards the end of the winter months and early spring: my creative juices dry up, exposure to media overwhelms me, I really have nothing much to say and I just want to enjoy life and pull back a little. But I'm revving up now and ready to roll.

In Magical Mythstory Tour you'll read about my trip to Gore Mountain in New York state to attend Robert Moss' gathering of dreamers. I won't repeat it here, just hop on the link and read it for yourself. I'll wait...

...O.K. now that you're back there is one thing I forgot to add to that post, it's about another synchronicity that happened along the way.

A few days prior to leaving for my trip I visited Ryan Hurd's site DREAM STUDIES. The blog post that was up at the time was How To Survive The Corporate Culture of Sleep Deprivation and in it he included a video Occupy Sleep. I didn't have time to watch it at that moment so I kept it open in a tab. Over the next few days, every time I logged on Ryan would start talking, but I still didn't have time. The night before leaving on my road trip I tied up some loose ends. His video being one of them; I stopped and listened.

 In a nutshell - "Take a nap. Join the revolution."

The next day I'm driving to Gore Mountain. I haven't done too much distance driving and this trip will take me; Google maps says 6 hours but I figure closer to 8 hours accounting for time crossing the border, pit stops to pee (I have a squirrel bladder when I'm on the road), getting lost and finding my way back on track.

Making good time, I stop Clifton Springs to pee, grab an Americano, some cookies and a small packet of nuts. On my way to the entrance, no word of a lie... I see a licence plate that says NAP PAYS. Now, I have the wherewithal to text my sister who will find this amusing but I still don't clue in that my i-phone has a camera in it. Had I realized it at that moment I could have shared it with her, and you all too, but you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, rather than sit in the coffee shop snacking and reading I took my stash back to the car because I figured the universe was telling me You'd better take that nap. Yup, Hurd was right. 10 minutes later I emerged bright eyed and bushy tailed, rarin' and ready to head out on my merry way into the unknown.

During the first gathering that night, surrounded by 30 plus very accomplished dreamers - many who have been returning to this place for 17 years, often 2 times a year - I realized I had indeed entered napping country for pays in French is the word for country.

We did many journeys over the weekend. If you dropped in you'd see people laying around under blankies with eye bags draped over their eyes or seemingly dozing in chairs. But the atmosphere was so charged with inspiration and energy that I had to take a few naps just to keep up - remember, at this time of year I'm emerging from a state of semi-hibernation. So, I must say thanks to Ryan for the great advice.

Participate in a revolutionary act...take a nap.