Thursday, March 26, 2009


You really don’t notice just how eccentric your family is until you move back home after a few years absence. The realization is multiplied when a partner comes on the scene – but that’s another story…

It was during a phone conversation in the early ‘80’s that my Dad told me that the TV had just blown up.

“What do you mean blew up? You mean the tube just died, right?”

“Nope it blew up with smoke and everything. It’s still smoking now.” Dad said with a sense of shock and awe in his voice.

As he expounded further upon the details of the event the scene flashed into my mind and I was in hysterics. And, every time I read this cartoon I actually hear Dad’s voice and view my mother’s low key response. I was killing myself as I drew it, during job #32 (see previous post jack of all trades) when, when I wasn’t handing out towels at 5:30 a.m. to obsessive racquetball enthusiasts my employer allowed me to work on my craft. And, it cracks me up even now.

Like my nieces’ and nephews’ generation I too moved “back home” to live with my parents a few times in my adulthood. On a return from Victoria, I went into the family room – which we lovingly referred to as theatre #1. Though all of their 5 children had moved out a number of years prior to the TV blowing up, the room was filled with lazy boys (which Dad had accumulated on garage sale safaris during our absence) all facing the TV. A person could get whiplash trying to maintain a conversation while visiting my parents in this room.

Anyway, when I turned around there they were the 2 TV’s, one sitting on top of the other. I figured maybe Mom watched one and Dad the other, but upon closer inspection I realized that this was not so. Dad’s story was true but what he hadn’t told me was that when first TV blew up his solution was to put another one on top of it.

Seeing my response of stifled laughter, Dad with great enthusiasm explained that once he took the tube out of the expired one he could use it as a bookcase (which he in fact did) and best of all, “you’d never know that it had ever been a TV”


It was impossible to mistake that old TV console for anything else despite the picture albums he housed within it. And, everyone’s bemused look when they saw the configuration was met with the T.V. blow up story ending with Dad exclaiming in amazement, “You’d never know it had once been a TV.”

Love ya Dad! In memory of Norm Thacker "a friend" July 07, 1917 – March 26, 2002.

(NOTE - for a larger image click on the cartoon. Cartoon copyright Nance Thacker 1991. All rights reserved.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Be prepared - Duck - mental clutter incoming!

I love how synchronicity works its magic. A few weeks ago I was wondering how could I inspire members of my weight management pilot project during the 5 week break before we meet again for the 6th and final class. I had seen Peter Walsh on Oprah a number of months prior and recalled his book DOES THIS CLUTTER MAKE MY BUTT LOOK FAT. He found that in clearing the clutter in one’s home many of his clients dropped pounds. How brilliant is that!

Should I look into the book, I wondered as I sat at my desk. At that very moment in walks one of my students having just bought said book for her boyfriend – another pilot project participant. I got the message so down to the library I trotted.

What clutters your life clouds your vision and blocks the flow of energy towards manifesting your desires. This principle is demonstrated literally through the mindless accumulation of stuff we keep in our homes. Do we know where the things we truly value are or are they buried under piles of distraction. Have we gotten so overburdened by “stuff” that we have lost connection with our inner self?

Walsh stresses, as do I that we not only ask ourselves this question, but keep it at the forefront of our mind throughout the day “what is the vision of the life I want to live?” He states, “Weight control isn’t about diet it is about your decisions.” Since the choices we make each moment determine the life that we are going to live then mindful awareness of what we want and who we want to be in this moment will guide us along the path towards self-respecting decisions.

I liked his message. He is a tough task master, throw things out, change your behaviour and don’t look back, keep in the present. Yikes!

Believing that small steps make for the biggest change, following a moderate path, could I take one of his ideas and see what happens?

My biggest challenge is that I tend to eat on the fly. So, I often resort to poor food choices such as carbs and sweets to stave off hunger until I can get some real food into me, but by then the damage is done.


Getting into a routine is his recommendation for seeing through with this intention. He loves the word routine. Resistance raises its ugly head. Despite being a very disciplined person, I hate routine. Routine = boredom in my books. But the word habit did appear now and again. Could I get into a "habit" of doing something good for myself? Sure. Sometimes it’s only a matter of semantics.

Following are his recommendations; the mental clutter that arose for me; my solution which became my revised plan and the results:

Clutter: my schedule is very irregular.
My solution: don't try and deal with when but see what happens regarding where.
Result: When we ate still varied but we ate at home every day last week. Great on the budget! We made it a point to eat together more often as well.

My solution: shop only once a week but get Rod in on it.
Clutter: I have to guess what he wants (he is a dedicated carnivore and I an almost vegetarian which complicates the picture).
Result: Getting Rod in on it cuts down on the stress of having to decide for another person. I make poor food choices when I feel stressed. When we can choose the foods we want for ourselves it provides us with a win, win situation.

Clutter: Plan every meal? Is he nuts? For a period of time during my childhood Sunday was roast beef, Monday roast beef sandwiches, Tuesday that weird tuna casserole with the potato chip topping (which I loved - chips for dinner really?!), you get my drift. I remember the night the tuna casserole made its debut. In a rare non-routine food moment Mom decided to try out a recipe from the back of a soup can. In desperation my poor Dad pulled all 5 of his brood aside, “I don’t care what it is or what you kids think of it. Please, please I can’t go back to Spanish rice again. I beg of you tell her you love it!” And, so tuna casserole replaced Spanish rice on the "menu".
Clutter: "Well, that’s not going to happen. I am not the domestic type", I protest.
My solution: formulate a guide for 7 nights from the foods we perused as we cruised the perimeter of the store. Buying some freshly prepared grocery store meals, enabled us to use their expiry date as a guide for the order of consumption and gave us enough choice to allow us to switch it up if we changed our minds. Intersperse with freshly cooked home made meals.
I got “real food” to choose from for brekkie and lunch – things I could throw together for a quick meal – salad, veggies, sliced meats and buns for my carnivore hubby etc.
Result: We threw out far less food, consumed less “junk” and, feeling less pressure around mealtimes I cooked and froze some entrees myself which either of us could pull out and warm up, add some rice and a salad and presto.

My own addition:
Always have food on hand (grazing type items – nuts, apples etc) and ready because another rule I abide by is to eat real food (not junk) when you are hungry which fits in with be prepared.

In observing always be prepared I am eating better and have more variety in my diet. I have naturally implemented another of his suggestions. Clean up as you go, getting rid of the clutter in more ways than one.

Thanks for your inspiration Peter!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A prayer in flight

I had the honour to give a lomi session for a fellow lomi practitioner today and was reminded of how I got into this beautiful work. I am truly blessed to have been introduced to this healing work full of wisdom and compassion, mahalo Lynne. It is with deep gratitude to my teachers Harriette Kapua O'lohelani Sakuma and Birgit Ke Anuenue Rieckmann that I publish this piece. It is part of a bigger story; originally written in 2005.

I believe life is a journey toward wholeness and Self-realization. For 40 years I have applied the practice of yoga, meditation and related modalities to my own life’s quest. I have explored the nature of dreams, shamanism and hypnosis, but the experience I had during my first Lomi treatment took me by surprise.

I was expecting to become deeply relaxed and refreshed and that happened, but I also found myself propelled into the extraordinary state of being I call journeying. I chalked it up to a wonderful first-time experience but became intrigued when subsequent sessions consistently rendered new unique journeys.

The effect of these experiences was life changing. I needed to understand what was happening to me. Could I help others in their quest for wholeness and healing through this amazing work?

I embarked upon my first Lomi training under the guidance of Harriette and Birgit, joined by eleven other explorers from varied backgrounds, some beginners like me, others seasoned veterans in the practice of Lomi – the Ancient Wisdom of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork.

The world within the walls of the training centre were filled with the magic of our intentions invoking the powers of a temple – a world full of ritual, ceremony, compassion, love, healing and learning, where spirit/animal guides and the power of our ancestors were called in to help us remember who we are, where we come from; to unite us with the fullness of our being and reclaim the magnificence of our souls.

And we flew!

Flying is a prayer in motion, practiced by practitioners before, during, and at the end of a lomi session. It aligns all levels of one’s being and harmonizes the vibration of the therapist with that of the recipient. It is also a healing tool for Self-development.

For five nights and four days we flew. We flew before breakfast, between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, dinner and bed. Times of day blended into each other.

It was said that we had been drawn together here at this time to do this work and participate in this journey because eons ago we had agreed to return. The spirits of our ancestors, having shed their personality aspects, now residing in wisdom, strength and compassion were calling us back to participate in this healing journey. We were flying not only for the benefit of our own individual evolution but for the evolution of our ancestors; for the benefit of generations past, present and yet to come; for the benefit of the planet.

The dynamic interaction of self, others and music symbolize our journey through life. Just when the metaphoric journey became a literal one I can’t say. At times we experienced turbulence requiring great effort at other times we were graced with ease. Was this effect generated by our direct physical response to the change in tempo and music, or by some unseen forces tugging at our psyches on our collective journey home? For, we were flying through the turmoil of our own personality aspects, not only of this lifetime but of countless others as well as those of every other member in the training. In healing the wounds of our souls, subconscious forces were being brought into light to be acknowledged and released with love.

One of the biggest challenges in flight, as in life, is to maintain one’s own space and not take on that which belongs to another. Instead, give space, support and honor the journey of each other. If another falters on her journey, can you fly, and in the strength of your flight, buoy her up; keep going; fly; fly through pain, sorrow, fear, joy, laughter, and above all else love; take it all in and embrace the full experience of what it is to be alive?

Arms swept out in a gesture of infinity to embrace the beauty and power of the limitless love of the universe that is available to us all, drawing it into our being and sending it out again.

“There is enough for all, take it all in, send it all out,” Harriette would remind us as we would step back, cross over, step forward; step back, cross over, step forward…

“Step back, back into the future, that future you set in motion before this birth, into who you are in the fullness of your being stripped of personality aspects, into the best of who you are that resides within you to be. Cross over. Break through the chains of past limitations that have bound you to habitual ways of seeing and being that veils your true nature. Step forward. Bring all that you are into the present, into light, into life.” Harriette challenged us.

Day by day movement was becoming refined; new possibilities were being formed not only in the flight, but in all areas of our lives.

Harriette’s words reached deep into my soul and my internal voice took up the charge. “Look, can you see it, feel it, hear it – that future being propelled into the present? Turn your head. See with penetrating gaze – breaking the chains of this reality, piercing into other realms. Follow your arms with your gaze as you bring possibility forward. Step back. Bring all the love into your heart. Cross over. Step forward. Send all of it out, knowing that you are merely a channel for the infinite love of the universe. You are a spiritual being participating in a physical experience.”

Step back. Cross over. Step forward. My heart pumped with the constant rhythm of stepping feet, sweeping arms, swaying head; breaths deepened, chest expanded, abdomen softened; foot falls became more solid and sure. Physical and mental exertion shifted into effortlessness, broke into pure awareness; my heart opened till I felt it would break, so intense was the love I felt. As my gaze followed the flow of my arms, I caught sight of all the others around me, became aware of their energy and personal expression of the flight and their uniquely beautiful spirits. And, I fell in love. I fell in love with all fourteen.

It was at that moment that we were ready to give and receive lomi sessions and the next part of the training began.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feeling Beastly

Before I get to the heart of the matter there are 2 things I need to get off of my chest.

First off, I need to work on my books to enable Rod to get my taxes done for 2008, so, of course I am blogging. There, I’ve said it.

Secondly: “John C. Reilly”.
Those were the words that spewed out of my mouth in a “light bulb” moment while Rod and I were, of all things, looking for light bulbs last Sunday – I swear it is the truth. So, there it is Pam and Glyn, the name that was hidden in the deep recesses of my brain on Friday night decided to emerge in all its glory apropos of nothing during our quest. I was going to call you both and just leave the name on your answering machines, nothing else, just the name. But then you’d probably think I was nuts so I didn’t, but it would have been fun, and you already think I’m nuts anyway…

Whew! I feel so relieved now.

So, on to what prompted this blog.

Sometimes don’t ya just feel fowl for no reason at all? You wake up in the morning ticked off, slightly irritable just not yourself somehow. You know that decent sort is in there somewhere, but she’s just not coming out to play today. Well, sometimes life is like that.

This cartoon came in a flash of inspiration. It is only in retrospect that I can see the diverse elements that came together to produce these images. It was a beautiful sunny day in Victoria, B.C., much like today, when I happened to notice a yoga student of mine walking on the other side of the street. His image was reflected in storefront windows as he passed. He looked just like the guy in the first panel. He was slouched, hunched over and his posture radioed a “beastly mood”.

Had he seen me, his yoga teacher, he’d have straightened up and adjusted his posture. And I thought of how “they” say that you never really see yourself because in that fraction of a second before you look in the mirror you’ve already made adjustments – you see the person you want to see.

The situation fit the personality of a character in my cartoon strip and contributed to fleshing out his persona even more.

So there's another “light bulb” moment of a different kind.

Darn, that didn’t take as long as I though it would. I have a few more hours til I meet my friend Barb for coffee. And the accounting books are there awaiting me…maybe I’ll sort out my cupboards, yah that sounds urgent.

(cartoon copyright Nance Thacker 1985. All rights reserved)

Monday, March 16, 2009

WHAT DO YOU WANT? Imagine, Brainstorm...and ACTION

In my practice as a Consulting Hypnotist I work one-on-one to help well people make desired changes to enable them to meet life’s challenges such as: weight management, speaking in public, smoking cessation, managing stress and decreasing anxiety and goal setting amongst other things.

In my capacity as a hypnotist I am one who first and foremost listens.

I also guide clients through the goal setting process; help them clarify their experience and gather information, stated in their own words, from which to formulate the script for the hypnosis session that follows the intake. During the hypnosis session my voice helps clients focus and guides them through their subconscious mind encouraging them to explore, be comfortable in and trust the wisdom of that inner realm. I teach clients the techniques of self-hypnosis to help them lead the life they envision for themselves and become the person they want to be.

A session begins with the question, “What do you want?” not what do others want for you but, what do you want for yourself. This seems simple enough as people generally come to me thinking that they know what their challenge and their goal is. But if you are going to move towards your goal it will take more than thinking. You will need to explore your heart’s desire; it will take imagining.

First ask yourself “What do I want?” Write it down in a simple, positive statement.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how strongly do you desire it? Any answer above 7 shows you’re your desire is strong enough for you to meet your goal with the help of hypnosis. A score of lower than 7 indicates that: you either need to ramp up your desire or, though you have a strong urge for change, you have not yet hit upon exactly what it is that you desire. Don’t despair. In either case, working with imagination will help you clarify and move towards your goals.

Now let’s try it again, only this time I give you permission to recapture that magical childhood pastime of daydreaming. As adults we often claim to be too busy to indulge in daydreams. We judge it as time wasted. Yet, how much time do we spend in front of the T.V. or watching movies allowing ourselves to become immersed in the products of the daydreams of others? Many scientific discoveries began as a daydream – an opening up to the possibility contained within “what if?”

Ask yourself, “What do I want?” and just imagine.

Allow yourself to daydream, use all of your senses in imagining as fully as you can that you have already achieved your goal. Even though you are not formally going into hypnosis with a hypnotist to guide you, by utilizing your imagination the process of self-hypnosis begins.

Imagine what achieving your goal will do for you. Another way of looking at it is to consider what kind of person you will become – if you have a role model in mind recall as fully as possible times and situations in which you admired them. What qualities exactly did you admire? Imagine yourself now possessing all the qualities that impressed you so much. Embellish the scenario further as you explore how your new self interacts with challenges and other aspects and people in your life.

Now, some people imagine by “seeing” scenes playing out in their mind’s eye; others “hear” conversations or words; some simply “feel” and there are those who just “know” without the other senses being very distinct. It is ideal if you can bring as many of your senses to the imagination process: see, hear, feel, smell and taste; but whatever your experience is, it is enough for the process of self-hypnosis to begin. It is enough to allow yourself to feel positively inspired.

Now, after the daydream session is complete answer again, “What do I want?” and before you write anything down, consider your answer.

Has your goal changed or become refined by your daydream? This is perfectly O.K. and is part of the goal setting process. Re-state and write down your goal in a simple, positive statement and re-assess the strength of your desire. Moving closer towards 10 on our scale of desire indicates you are moving in the right direction.

Next step: brainstorming…

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reader's Digest Reject #1

The year is 2005, the month May. I am inspired by my writing course with Brian Henry to spin a tale in 100 words or less; a form of writing called micro fiction.

A few days later, while visiting my sister-in-law and engaging in the popular Canadian past time of bathroom reading a Reader’s Digest, my eyes lit upon these words “Laugh With Us – Here’s How to Earn Up to $200.” And a gauntlet has been thrown down before me.

The stories have to be short and real-life.

I’ve got a million of them…Eureka! This is how my fortune will be made.

Or so I thought.

As I don’t have to tell you it is now March 2009 and Reader’s Digest has yet to pay me for my articles. Well, maybe that’s not totally correct. They have yet to inform me of their publication for you see it is impossible that they got passed over.

O.K. so maybe some better ones somewhere, somehow beat me out. So, what that means is I’ve been rejected….oops sorry, they’ve been rejected.

I waited for months and months checking my e-mail daily for a word from you Reader’s Digest. But, nothing not even an acknowledgement of my existence. Each month, in the privacy of my sister-in-law’s bathroom I scoured your pages for some indication that you knew of my brilliance. But no it wasn’t to be. My heart was broken; my bank account lay barren.

And, what do rejected lovers do? They seek revenge.

So, eat your heart out Reader’s Digest. I’ll bet now you wished you’d published them.


While body surfing, my friend was slapped on the back of his head by a monstrous wave with such force that his dentures flew out of his mouth and into the Hawaiian surf. During this time, he witnessed a woman lose her contact lens in the same manner. Whereas he spent the rest of his vacation, unable to enjoy the fabulous local cuisine, gumming spaghetti, eating blended food and searching the beach in vain for his teeth; she miraculously, was able to pluck the contact out of the foamy surf and enjoy perfect vision for the rest of her stay.

True story – 100 words

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NIAGARA FALLS, slowly I turn...

When I lead group sessions, such as the weight management pilot project at Windsor Medical Aesthetics, I put together a generic script for the hypnosis portion drawing from shared or common answers to goal setting questions.

I also have had to develop a post hypnotic suggestion (aka PHS) for the end of the hypnosis session that will fit the needs of the group. A post hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion given while the client is in the state of hypnosis to implant a response (an action, feeling or physical change) to take place after the hypnotic experience is over. A posthypnotic cue (an action, thought, word, image or event) is selected to trigger the desired response as the client goes through daily life.

When I was a kid my friends and I, Three Stooges fans all, loved to re-enact one of the most famous depictions of the PHS’s effect ever - “Niagara Falls, slowly I turn…” an old vaudeville skit performed most famously in different versions by the Three Stooges and Abbot and Costello (their cue being Poko Moko). A man, down on his luck begins to tell a tale of woe to 2 unsuspecting listeners. In a rage and with vengeance in his heart, years ago he had tracked down and killed his quarry – the man who had run off with his sweetheart. Since this traumatic event happened in a virtual self-induced, hypnotic, state in Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls becomes the cue. Of course one or the other listeners can’t help saying the word and each time it is uttered the storyteller’s desire to kill is triggered only to be broken and triggered again and again to comic effect as he repeatedly attacks one of the people listening to his tale of woe.

But, I digress…

The cue had to be something that is common to the group. An action seemed a logical choice, something that I hoped everyone would do at least a few times every day. Since emotional issues are often at the root of poor eating habits and cravings I wanted to promote a positive and uplifting response capable of shifting ones mood to a more optimistic mode to encourage a more positive and empowered state of mind from which healthy eating habits would be more easily chosen.

And so I came up with, next to Niagara Falls, slowly I turn..., what I consider the greatest PHS ever!

Every time I smile I feel grateful for that which makes me smile.

One of the most beneficial aspects for me personally in leading these groups is that, as I repeat in a relaxed and focused manner the script and PHS to my clients during the hypnosis session I too receive the benefits of what I am suggesting.

And this one hits so many targets simultaneously. For I have found that each time something makes me smile a natural momentary pause occurs in which I become mindfully aware that I am smiling. This makes me smile inside even more, deepening the experience as it happens and increasing my awareness of the present moment. This naturally induces a feeling of gratitude for both how good it feels to smile and for that which has made me smile.

So, every time I smile I know that I am smiling and I feel grateful for that which makes me smile.

Rather than writing a gratitude list at the end of the day I am giving myself permission to be in and enjoy the moment, to immediately appreciate the event as it happens. This sets a tone for the rest of my day helping to keep me engaged in the present and as I live more in the present moment I become more observant of my thoughts and feelings.

Paradoxically since I am fully engaged in the experience while being aware that I am fully engaged in the experience the stance of the witness is being cultivated and what began as a post hypnotic suggestion has evolved into a mindfulness practice.

And another thing, since initiating this PHS I find I choose to become more aware of things to smile about. In fact like the man in "Niagara Falls" skit stalking his quarry, I consciously seek them out and make space for them in my life. In recognizing the opportunity for joy to arise I am welcoming it into my life.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

She's Got

Charlie Chaplin said that the basis of all comedy is truth.
I was warming up with other adult dance class students when in walked THIS VISION! She was drop-dead gorgeous! All heads turned; gasps of awe rippled through the room followed by worshipful silence as she took her place amongst us. I reflected upon my physical shortcomings as I gazed into the mirror. The music started and I couldn't help but look at her, just to catch a glimpse of beauty in motion. And...she moved like a clod! A smirk burst across my face, my heart was light and my toes twinkled. I was a virtual Karen Kain in comparison. I felt beautiful.
At that time I was drawing bodies in motion for my portfolio to submit to Sheridan College's International Animation Program as part of the application process. I had drawn yogis in postures of all kinds, fencers, tai chi students and decided to go to the local swiming pool as they had a viewing window below the water line and I thought that would give an interesting vantage point.
I was surprised to see a very obese woman teaching children swimming. I admired her courage to be seen in a bathing suit. As I drew her I began to appreciate that her proportions were model perfect. And, when she demonstrated on the deck she moved with grace, precision and clarity. The children oblivious to her size, adored her and responded enthusiastically to her love of swimming. In the water her 300 pounds seemed to dissolve away as she swam mermaid-like - fluid and lyrical and when she surfaced the children clung to her and bobbed around her like eager little ducklings. She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
After some time of incubation just the right words came to me for the cartoon and it was time to draw it. When I put pencil to paper it was her image that flowed onto the page. Though I am a small person, she was the perfect embodiment of how I felt and also the best body to depict grace and joy of movement.
(Cartoon copyright Nance Thacker 1985. All rights reserved.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chakra Journey

What if I knew that I am one with all that is? What if we all knew that we are all one being dancing through the manifestation of personality aspects (that I call me, you call you) a life towards the realization of perfection on this earthly plane? What if all we need to know we already know now – a hologram of everything that is resides within every cell of my being and of yours? What if we all really knew that all of us are pursuing the same dream – to deeply connect through love and compassion, to realize our birthright to experience the joy of what it is to live an embodied life and to know that our very being makes a difference in the world? What if I knew the purpose for which I come into this realm? How different would the world be?

What if I could see the truth underneath all that arises in this world while participating in this consensus reality? What if I could see the 7 generations of ancestors before me and of those yet to come and know that my life contributes still to their evolution? What if I could feel the presence of all those spirits, guides, beings of light that are there at all times guiding me on this earthly incarnation, reminding me of my purpose? If at the darkest of times I could see their light, how different would my attitude towards my life be as I discover and embrace more of who I am?

What if I could really hear the words, spoken and unspoken, beneath what is being said? What if I realized I am here to speak my truth and listen to the truths of others? What if I realized that each event that happens is my purpose unfolding; that every day each person, place, thing holds a message for me? What would their message be? What if my internal dialogue was filled with words of love and compassion rather than judgment, criticism and negativity? How would it change my perspective of who I am as I live this life I have chosen?

What would it take to experience the world and my life with an open heart? What if I could gaze into the eyes and see the soul of each person I come into contact with in a day? Would, in the recognition of the resonance of our heart beats, our hearts beat as one? Would we then know in our heart that there is enough love, life and resources for all? Would I be more generous and less petty? Would my heart be full to bursting with the wonder and beauty this life has to offer? Would my thoughts, words and deeds be filled with compassion? Would my attitude towards others change?

What if I knew that I was enough; that all that I need I already have and that I have nothing to prove? What if I saw the world as a friendly place; people as allies instead of competition in a world of limited of resources? What if my true personal power free of ego could dissolve all barriers, blockages and challenges? If I could let go of my attachment to struggle and strife; my world view of “me verses them; them verses us” that separates and divides – could I then with all my being celebrate the accomplishments of others and they mine? Would I then breathe fully and deeply and feel the vitality of a body nourished by mana?

What if I knew that I was a creative force? What if I knew that I was the co-creator of all that I experience – that if I can imagine it, it can be so? What if the full expression of my sexual self was not only an earthly delight but a celebration of and testament to the divine oneness of all? What if the sensory wealth of this physical experience was a playground for my enjoyment? What if I knew that I was entitled to experience abundance in all of its forms, deserving of a life of pleasure and joy? If I realized, as any wise child knows, that it is my birthright to have fun would I then, taking myself less seriously, play joyously with others and invite them to the party too?

What if I knew that it was safe for me to be here? What if I knew that I am anchored into the heart of the earth to a place that is mine and mine alone by a cord that kept me grounded, tethered as loosely or as tightly as I need imbuing me with a sense of security and trust. What if I knew that it was the desire for the direct transmission of wisdom and experience of compassion that brought me here? What if the piercing light of pure intention burned so deeply within my physical being that it fueled my very existence? Would I then realize how amazing this life is; who I am and be filled with gratitude?