Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chakra Journey

What if I knew that I am one with all that is? What if we all knew that we are all one being dancing through the manifestation of personality aspects (that I call me, you call you) a life towards the realization of perfection on this earthly plane? What if all we need to know we already know now – a hologram of everything that is resides within every cell of my being and of yours? What if we all really knew that all of us are pursuing the same dream – to deeply connect through love and compassion, to realize our birthright to experience the joy of what it is to live an embodied life and to know that our very being makes a difference in the world? What if I knew the purpose for which I come into this realm? How different would the world be?

What if I could see the truth underneath all that arises in this world while participating in this consensus reality? What if I could see the 7 generations of ancestors before me and of those yet to come and know that my life contributes still to their evolution? What if I could feel the presence of all those spirits, guides, beings of light that are there at all times guiding me on this earthly incarnation, reminding me of my purpose? If at the darkest of times I could see their light, how different would my attitude towards my life be as I discover and embrace more of who I am?

What if I could really hear the words, spoken and unspoken, beneath what is being said? What if I realized I am here to speak my truth and listen to the truths of others? What if I realized that each event that happens is my purpose unfolding; that every day each person, place, thing holds a message for me? What would their message be? What if my internal dialogue was filled with words of love and compassion rather than judgment, criticism and negativity? How would it change my perspective of who I am as I live this life I have chosen?

What would it take to experience the world and my life with an open heart? What if I could gaze into the eyes and see the soul of each person I come into contact with in a day? Would, in the recognition of the resonance of our heart beats, our hearts beat as one? Would we then know in our heart that there is enough love, life and resources for all? Would I be more generous and less petty? Would my heart be full to bursting with the wonder and beauty this life has to offer? Would my thoughts, words and deeds be filled with compassion? Would my attitude towards others change?

What if I knew that I was enough; that all that I need I already have and that I have nothing to prove? What if I saw the world as a friendly place; people as allies instead of competition in a world of limited of resources? What if my true personal power free of ego could dissolve all barriers, blockages and challenges? If I could let go of my attachment to struggle and strife; my world view of “me verses them; them verses us” that separates and divides – could I then with all my being celebrate the accomplishments of others and they mine? Would I then breathe fully and deeply and feel the vitality of a body nourished by mana?

What if I knew that I was a creative force? What if I knew that I was the co-creator of all that I experience – that if I can imagine it, it can be so? What if the full expression of my sexual self was not only an earthly delight but a celebration of and testament to the divine oneness of all? What if the sensory wealth of this physical experience was a playground for my enjoyment? What if I knew that I was entitled to experience abundance in all of its forms, deserving of a life of pleasure and joy? If I realized, as any wise child knows, that it is my birthright to have fun would I then, taking myself less seriously, play joyously with others and invite them to the party too?

What if I knew that it was safe for me to be here? What if I knew that I am anchored into the heart of the earth to a place that is mine and mine alone by a cord that kept me grounded, tethered as loosely or as tightly as I need imbuing me with a sense of security and trust. What if I knew that it was the desire for the direct transmission of wisdom and experience of compassion that brought me here? What if the piercing light of pure intention burned so deeply within my physical being that it fueled my very existence? Would I then realize how amazing this life is; who I am and be filled with gratitude?

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