Friday, April 16, 2010

You had me at, "I'm listening."

(cartoon copyright N. Thacker 1990)
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Episode 415, 30 ROCK, season 4: Jack comes up with the idea of introducing women's porn to the network. In women's porn, handsome men listen to women expressing their feelings. It would be loaded with scenes of handsome men appearing interested as their women blather on and on and occasionally the listener would interject with such things as "go on", "I'm listening".

A hysterical, yet true observation — nothing is as sexy to a woman as a guy who listens, really listens, except for maybe a man who loves to cook or a guy who's gentle with children and animals.

Anyway, if there was an award for the best written, male, porn star character in the category of women's porn it would have to go to Joe Dubois of MEDIUM fame. I love this show, not for its primary story lines (which I find gruesome, nasty and far fetched) nor for the acting, but for the secondary story line revolving around the family dynamic. I really love this family and I especially love Joe. I find him attractive and incredibly sexy.

How can you not love a guy who, through years of his wife scaring the bejesus out of him night after night, still continues to sleep in the same bed as she? Does her thrashing about, gasping for air, springing bolt upright in bed, describing her dreams of the most horrific deeds imaginable make him even consider moving on to the couch, or demanding that she do so? No!
No, in fact her cute, unbelievably calm, adoring hubby encourages her, asking, "Are you OK Alison?" or "Tell me what you saw," as he strokes her shoulder. Give me a break! If that's not a female fantasy I don't know what is. I can more believe that she is psychic than that he still shares the same bed with her.

But, then again she has not yet reached peri-menopause, the time that tests even the most devoted husband, the time when the real horror begins. Yes, I'm talking about snoring. Ha, let's see what happens then Mr. Sensitive Joe Dubois. I bet that'll send you running for the couch.

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