Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Spring is sprung
the grass is riz
I wonder where dem
boidies is

by Anon

Well I know where they is!

The noisy brats (normally I love nature and all of her creatures) were all outside my window at 5 a.m. this morning, causing Maya to rediscover her wild side. Massive "brrrritting" and tearing about of kitty feet insued: over me, onto the window sill, down the stairs to the living room window, up the stairs, over me, onto the window sill and on and on like some kind of blurry, furry, rubber-on-the-road-free, gas-free Indy 500. Flippy seemed
unaware and, unlike me, continued journeying in the land of nod - lucky little sod.

I finally gave up, got up and began looking (yes, we're talkin' bout before 7a.m.) to no avail, for a cartoon I did years ago that would be very appropriate for today. Though I was unable to unearth it I did find:

- the cables and booklet to the TOMTOM that died (this announcement may be premature - won't know til Rod checks it out) in ALF W a few weeks ago. I had conveniently put them in a ziplock bag on the top shelf of a storage unit in the office. Logic told me we'd just have to bend down and look and voila there it would be. No such luck. In typical fashion I couldn't find it til I wasn't looking for it anymore.

- a stash of old cartoons and PMT's I forgot I had. I don't know what PMT stands for. It is old technology. I was trying to put together a book in the early '90's but ran out of steam as it was so time consuming and daunting a task that I became overwhelmed. A PMT was a photo reproduction process that enabled you to resize the images and cut and paste them into your layout and resulted in a clear, crisp image. Do I feel ancient or what?

- old YOGA CENTRE OF VICTORIA NEWSLETTERS compiled into 2 book set, which sent me down memory lane as I leafed through the pages.

And, then I decided to take some photos of the garden and of a bouquet of flowers that Di tastefully arranged for us last night as I was preparing a non-traditional lasagna Easter dinner for she, Roger, Austin, Linda, Rod and I.

All in all it was a very productive extra few hours. But, maybe tonight as I hit the sack I'll keep the window closed.

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