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(cartoon copyright Nance Thacker '84)
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It seems I've inherited my mother's odd immune system; it feels as if I'm coming down with a cold, I have all the symptoms...but nothing the next day. As long as I haven't inherited her tendency towards dementia too, I'm good with this.

I went to the MAC training last night and was bored, bored, bored. It reminded me of my Monday night 7 - 10p.m. class in Northern European Renaissance Art. The tenure-secured, uninspired, catatonic prof would use her pointer to focus on the obvious and in her monotone voice drone on, "Here you have a grouping of people (pointer motions around them) reflected in a mirror" (pointer slaps to the frame the mirror). Wait for it...for some conclusion, some point of using the pointer; nope, nothing. Then, with a click of her button the next masterpiece would appear and be dissected in the same way. FOR 3 WHOLE, MIND NUMBING HOURS! If it did nothing else, it left an indelible impression on my mind. I can hear her voice and see the disembodied pointer floating above image after image because, from my vantage point, she was virtually hidden away, she could have been eating a big mac and having a bottle of wine for all I know.

All I'm saying is that my computer remained laying on my lap, trapped in it's little cardboard box for the whole 2 hours just begging to be let out. (No, I haven't gotten my fancy laptop case yet - I think I've found a project for that tunisian crochet piece that keeps growing and growing.) Finally, at around 11p.m., I let it out and explored all that we'd covered in class about system preferences for myself — which, I guess was the whole point of this style of teaching. It actually proved to be more helpful than I'd imagined.

It helped me explore the scanner and hopefully enabled me to enter in the cartoon I'd mentioned in Spring has sprung. This is one of the first grouping of cartoons I'd done for the Yoga Centre of Victoria Newsletter and it shows, but I thought I'd post it anyway.

I'd actually forgotten about the text in the first panel. I often feel this way. Oversensitivity challenges my interactions with others in daily life, but when I'm in therapist mode it appears as empathy which enables me to hear and see what is happening in my clients and respond appropriately. A few years ago during a conversation with friends, a psychotherapist I'd just met mentioned her dislike of crowds and gatherings because she found it difficult to filter out all the impressions that came her way — stripped of her role in these situations she didn't know how to deal with the onslaught of information. Somehow this makes me feel better and more "normal", whatever that is.
OK, so maybe the class wasn't as helpful as I thought. We haven't covered putting a scanned image into a blog. Actually, I don't think we ever will, so if some kind soul out there knows how to this (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ENTER A HELPFUL COMMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST) I'd be eternally grateful! I have tried using Picassa, i-photo, and God knows what else because as you can see, I somehow got these images in using 2 different methods and I haven't got a clue how I did the first one.

In i-photo I got the first half to come out right side up in the viewer after rotating it, but in every other application it comes out sideways. I had to scan the copy of the original in its original size (as that's the only copy I have) sideways. The original size is approx. 20" x 6", remember I began working on the cartoon strip back in the mid '80's when technology was wa-a-a-y different.

Though it's driving me nuts to not try and align things a little different I'm not going to press my luck. After 5 hours this is the best I could do. I know it's not pretty, but there it is. In order to read it just turn your computer on its side and read from what will now be the top left square...just don't strain yourself in the process. If you do, I know a really good Shiatsu Therapist who can help you.

*Image edited May 01/10

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