Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Knit one?

UUUgh! I think I'm coming down with a cold.

The thing is, when I have a cold, or think I may be coming down with one, I have to cancel my clients as a precaution, but no work; no pay. Which makes me real unsympathetic when my non self-employed friends complain that they are using up their "sick day" pay in order to nurse themselves back to health. "Boo Hoo".

The SARS scare a few years ago has made us bodyworkers extra cautious
around our clients. Who wants your therapist leaning over you snorting back snot, imploding with a stifled sneeze (though it seems that nothing's escaping, that little "tssst" sound one makes is not terribly reassuring) or choking on a repressed coughing fit? Strangely, many people find this sort of behaviour negatively impacts on their ability to surrender to the relaxation process; muscles tense and negative thoughts abound.

But I can't just lay here and do nothing (at least not yet) so I'm catching up on all the odds 'n ends around here. Moving information and files over from the old laptop to my new MAC, cooking, doing laundry and blogging, amongst other things. There's always something that needs doing.

For a brief moment I fantasized about getting back into knitting the Inside-Outside scarf (click on that link to see how it should look, especially since these are the colours I've chosen). The one that Glynnie has pretty much finished already. The one that Pam and went to THE NEEDLE EMPORIUM to enlist Julie's help. The one that Pam and I started numerous times before - Pam in order to achieve the ideal look and me because I kept on loosing track of turning the needles vs sliding the yarn on the needles. Glynnie, "I will never ever again accept your protestations about what a lousy knitter you are! It's time to own it, own the fact that you are far more skilled than you let on." She's knitting's version of the card shark — a lot of bluff.

I didn't knit today because good ol' guilt got in the way. Today was supposed to be a work day and I don't feel that bad. My throat just feels cruddy. I found out yesterday that Pam came down with the bug after we went to the ONE OF A KIND craft show in Toronto (I don't do malls for shopping, but I do the One of a Kind - thankfully it comes only twice a year) last Wednesday - she felt crappy that night. I talked with her yesterday and though she's on the mend, she still sounded like she was dying. She had achey joints and a temperature of 102 for a few days coupled with bronchial and head stuff; scratchy throat — the whole shebang. It's probably just as well that I didn't know about this before now as it would probably put me into a hypochondriacal spin.

I'm plugging myself with vitamin C, water, COLD FX and oil of oregano so that I can go to my first session in MAC training tonight. I go bearing anti-bacterial gel and tissues and vow to keep a healthy distance from others. Much as I despise infected people going out in public, if I miss this session I have to wait another few months and my tolerance for frustration is
nearing a max.

As I've learned, when I'm happy everyone around
me is a lot happier too and as the day is wearing on I'm doing O.K. Hopefully this will prove to be more than just wishful thinking.


  1. Well, I never said I was slow ! Just maybe less than perfect. And as I completed my last few rows (Yes - I"M DONE !!!! Take that!) it occurred to me that maybe I'm spending way too little time on housework and way too much on knitting :)

  2. Own your excellence and be proud. I think the ideal is to spend as little time doing housework as possible. Maybe you're just super efficient.