Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am experiencing technical difficulties. “Can not compute; can not compute Will Robinson.”

Every time I go into my blog the 2 entries – De-Queen of De-Clutter and Da agony of De Feet appear differently. Maybe it is offended by really, really bad use of grammar. At any rate, I realize that having no computer knowledge at all is a bit of a hindrance. My perfectionist nature and ego are taking an enormous beating which makes my blistered feet pale in comparison.

24K’s “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well” keeps echoing in my brain but sometimes well is just as good as I can do now despite the glorious images floating around in my creative brain. The discrepancy between the 2 is almost physically painful; but I’m trying to remember my new mantra I LOVE TO LEARN; I LOVE TO LEARN.

So, this whole blog thing is really a learning experience. As I surf the blog sites of note I become inspired to do better. And, if I apply Byron Katie’s view of accepting reality then for now this is my version of doing well. It all helps to keep computer angst at bay which keeps me more open to discovering how this new world works. Sometimes you just have to be emptiness in order for new stuff to come in which means getting rid of more mind clutter.

This experiment is to enter this on the PC after creating a document on Microsoft word (because I can do spell and grammar check) and see how stable it is.

I created the last blog entry on the PC directly in the blog sites dashboard on cogeco.ca, (there’s another version of the blog floating around on blogger.com which got started when I blogged the first version of Many Hats) used the old editor to enter in the pics – all on left side, medium size oddly enough and what you see now is what I got.

It appears that some factors are causing difficulty for me:
- Posting on cogeco.ca vs blogger.com
- working on the Mac through Safari vs. working on the PC through Microsoft internet explorer.
- I don’t speak the language so getting on blogger help at this point is not helpful at all as I can find no matches for my problem and when I do get on there my day is shot and my frustration level skyrockets.
- using the old post editor vs. the new version for adding in pictures.
- entering pictures through scanner and camera wizard on the PC vs. whatever is used on the Mac (is it picassa or what?)
- am I accessing all this through Google or what – is accessing even the right term for how one gets into these applications – is application even the right word for what I’m trying to say?

You catch my drift?

You’ll have to if you venture in here as, until I get this sorted out some posts on my site may appear to have a mind of their own. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride, shall we?

Weird, as I’m trying to enter this blog post I keep getting “Server Error” messages.

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