Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time is relative

WARNING - horrible grammar zone ahead. Not for the lovers of fine writing. You've been warned.

Day 2 Sat March 3
Todd a young student boarder of Loren's offers me a ride to the airport. I call the cab co and say, "forget it" and get a weak apology back. I pay Todd $20 (the same fee charged by Loren) and, though his car stalls at stoplights, he gets me there without incident by 4:30.  The shuttle to Kalani meets me shortly afterwards. 2 other guests are in the shuttle so my fee is $20 less than for 1 person.
The meals here are fabulous - great variety, very tasty + dessert every night:) Steak and burgers were options for the carnivores in the group last night and tonight. Many staff were very appreciative as the previous group, Baron Baptiste's yoga group, were strict vegetarians, and the menu got stricter and more limited as the week wore on. No coffee was allowed. It was said that participants weren't expecting this (yogi's love their coffee) and there were many attempts to bribe the staff for a cuppa - we're talking $5. desperation offerings. So glad I'm not doing the yoga workshops anymore!!!

Last night after the dreaming session I went for a swim in the pool and had a sauna. Both are open all hours and are bathing suit optional. Ah, the freedom! I enjoyed the fact that I had the pool to myself for the most part. Beautiful clear night with the reclining Buddha statue watching over me. Fell into my amazingly comfortable bed (feels like a tempura-type) and slept like a log.

Day 3, Sun March 4th

Walked to the cliffs at the base of the road this morning and sat there watching the surf. After the dreaming session I walked to the much touted Kehena Beach. It took about 30 minutes to get there. On Sunday's the drummers and flute players go to the beach. The vibe was like the tam tams gathering on Mount Royal in Montreal. Many, many people were hanging out on the rocks and beach watching others ride the waves and snorkel. I hadn't expected to swim as I'd heard that the surf could be pretty rough but after taking note of how people maneuvered in and out of the waves and receiving some pointers from an experienced swimmer: the best point of entry and where the sand was vs the lava rock etc. She kindly watched over my stuff while I went in, in the buff like most everyone else.

It was incredible! The swells of the waves were like riding roller coasters. It was so weird to be 3 feet above someone else just feet away from me. She said, "n-joy, enjoy, in joy" to me as we both laughed at how amazing it was to be here. There's a lot of that feeling here.

I have enjoyed some great discussions about Shamanism, dreaming and writing and I've heard some of the life stories of fellow workshop participants; how they got into this line of work/interest and how they integrate it into their "regular" lives. The dreaming workshop sessions have been magical and fun. Robert's method is so inspiring to see in action. And there's so much more to come.

As I write this the night time is filled with the sounds of the "cokie" frogs. At 6:30 a.m. or so they suddenly stop and are replaced by a chorus of birdsong. One massive group starts and later other varieties get added to the mix performing a natural Baroque suite. Then about 30 minutes after the first group started they abruptly end and the others gradually fade out. There is sound everywhere: the surf, the wind in the palm fronds and even the gecko's (which are everywhere) chime in on occasion.

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