Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pele, Flying and English country dancers

Exerpt from an e-mail to Rod

Sat March 10th. 
Yesterday (Fri) 3 of us went to a special sacred site with a local shaman to give an offering to Pele the Goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes. We did ceremony in a cave as the shaman beat her drum, we rattled, chanted and put forth our desires to Pele the fiery goddess of the land. I thought of Lucy, Kalani, Karen, Sue, Sue McClelland, Jude and Candy while I was there.

The altar we formed during Robert's workshop
with the freshly picked flowers
which we threw into the ocean at it's end.
It is said that when you do this you will return to Hawaii
We had intended to meet up with Anthony and dream with his dream group of 5 people afterwards but we were so filled up with what we'd received that we declined his offer. Good decision! During dinner I could barely keep my eyes open let alone keep track of the conversation around me. I fell into bed (with my clothes on) at 7:30 after setting my alarm for 9:30 p.m. Seven hours later, 2:35 a.m., I woke up. My alarm hadn't gone off so I went back to sleep, arising at 6 a.m. 

I had a wonderful, much needed shower in my new bathroom (I'd just moved into a new hale) and joined the remaining 3 dreamers for brekkie. Afterwards I headed off to life drawing.

Life drawing was held at the studio of an artist friend of Richard's (I'm pretty sure this is THE Richard who started Kalani in the 80's). 5 of us piled into his car and he drove us there. There were 6 of us in total - 3 from Kalani, the host and 2 locals. The models came in the car with us from Kalani. The couple (young lovers) did lovely poses together and though my drawing skills are really rusty, it was nice to put pencil to paper. An interesting effect results from the multi-coloured pencil I was using as you never know which colour will come up - gotta look for one of these back home or get some here.

We got back in time for lunch and I met up with Helen, the last of the dreamers. We went into one of the meeting places afterwards and I taught her FLYING (Lomi people know what this is). She is a dance therapist who was intrigued by my presentation the other day and asked if I'd teach it to her. Since it's been raining heavily most of the day outings are not too inviting so it was a perfect way to spend the time.

I'm sitting here on the bed as I write this. The new wave of guests are piling into their rooms. We now have an English dance group and a Ruslan (not Russian) yoga group. Never heard of the latter. There are so many different versions of yoga now! This makes the 3rd yoga group to be here during my stay. And, there are yoga classes going on throughout the day, offered by Kalani staff members. If you need a shot of yoga this is the place to be. 

On a sunny day looking down the road from
the entrance to Kalani 
I face booked this about that:  I am now the last dreamer left at Kalani :( We've been invaded by yet more yogis and today the English country dancers have arrived. Thank God for some real hefty, earthy bodies, all these reedy people keep floating around. This place was in need of some grounding :)

I've arranged to get a car on Monday morning and will head out directly from the airport to Kona at about 10 a.m. I'm in the process of getting the accommodation sorted out. Bill has to send the rental agreement in a different form or I have to get a print out to fill out, scan and send back to him. I'll probably go to guest services to see if I can use their printer/scanner. I'll spend the night at Kona and see what will swim with me there - turtles and colourful fish have been promised. NOTE: COLOURFUL FISH AND A TURTLE WERE DELIVERED! There is a surfing beach nearby too, but Ellie, the model, was there yesterday and said there wasn't any surfing going on at that time. I'll take whatever happens:)

I'll keep the car for the rest of my stay and drive myself to the airport on Thurs as it works out well financially.

Tomorrow is an open day. I may spend it at Kehena beach, where I was the first day, or do the sauna, swim at the pool kind of day. I intend to keep it low key in prep for the driving on Monday. The trip to Kona only takes about 2 1/2 hrs, IF I don't get sidetracked by sites along the way! NOTE: I MANAGED TO MAKE IT IN 3 HOURS, LEAVING AT ABOUT 11:30 a.m. STOPPED AT SOME VIEWING SPOTS BUT WANTED TO GET OVER TO THE KAIHUA-KONA SUN AS IT WAS RAINING MOST OF THE WAY. AND, THOUGH I'D BEEN ASSURED SUN WOULD BE HERE IT WASN'T - BUT IT WAS ALL GOOD! I had put the offer out to people in Anthony's group to come along if they liked but none were available. 

Anyway, I should go as the dinner conch will be sounding. The budgie birds are chattering in the trees in front of my door. Whether they're budgies or not I'm not sure but that's what they sound like.

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