Monday, March 12, 2012

1 Turtle & 2 Piggies

No pictures tonight. Taking too long to download and I'm bagged. Goin' to bed. Goodnight all.
Off to the Kona side tomorrow - Mon Mar 12.
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Thurs March 8

Excerpt from letter to Rod:

It was another amazing day. 

The dream work wrapped up this morning. Kim and Louise, my Canadian friends, left this morning as they were heading for the Kona coast and wanted to have lots of time to explore the places along the way. They have been a real riot! We laughed so much during our jaunts to the tide pools and the market last night. I'm very grateful for their generosity in including me in these adventures. 

On the last day of extended dream workshops Robert has the participants each do a short presentation inspired by their dream experiences. When I was flying at the point I had the image of many others flying along with me. I was also moved by uncle Harry's Ho'oponopono presentation at the Emax and I wanted the others to hear some of the Hawaiian music. So I brought in elements of all 3. We did some ha breath, some ALOHA with feeling and then I demonstrated the flying and the symbolism behind it and invited others to join me to fly to the music. A number of people jumped in while others "held space". It was a lot of fun!!!

I was planning a "kick back" day today but over lunch one of the dreamers asked me if I'd like to go to the warm pools with her and another dreamer. I jumped at it. We'd heard how nice it was but upon our arrival found a large pool walled off from the ocean with an opening for the tide to come in. The waves could come over the edge but it was very structured; a big shallow pool with steps and ladders into it. Not what we expected. So, we went back to the tide pools. (I heard from a local guest that she used to do Watsu and Water Dance in the pools before they became structured and popular.)

Though we put in at a different spot than the other day I found myself beckoned back to the thermal area. I'm so glad I heeded the call! I saw a fish that seemed exceptionally big to be in here and as I looked closer I realized it was a turtle. AMAZING!!! 

He wasn't afraid of me at all and in fact came quite close to me. He did have a bit of a beak and I was a little concerned at first. But, he was just casing me out, I could see it in his eyes. When he determined that I wasn't a threat we just hung out together. I didn't follow him when he dove down as I thought that might be too invasive but instead floated on the surface enjoying the view of him below me. He'd come up and take a breath of air once in a while and I'd lift my head out of water to see his head poke up. When another swimmer came upon us, the turtle decided it was too much and he tucked himself into a little underwater crevice so I left to give him some space. 

Sylvia, Simon and I talked perching on the rocks as the tide came in and waves broke over the rocks while, in the distance, a number of awestruck snorkelers floated in the pools. 

We had dinner with the 3 other remaining dreamers and then Sylvia and Simon had to leave for LA. She off to Robert's dream workshop at Mosswood Hollow in Seattle and he to LA and then to Peru for a few weeks to study with a shaman there. On our way to the dining hale we saw 2 of the wild boars that reside here. They are really cute and kind of take off at a gallop like little prehistoric wild horses.

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