Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tide pools & hula

Tues Mar 6/12 
THE POINT at the foot of Kalani
By the end of the class last night a belated case of jet lag came over me. Barely able to keep my eyes open, I sleep walked my way back to my hale and immediately fell into bed and into dreamland at 9:45 with thoughts of getting up early.

Amazingly, I got up at 5:45 a.m. this morning and walked through the darkness to the point where, a few days earlier, I’d strewn some of Mom’s hair. Her dream of Hawaii was so big that it brought me here. So I brought a little bit of her to this place that was close to her heart. Though she never set foot on this soil, some of her DNA will always be here. 

My intention was to fly (my lomi friends know what I'm talking about) and see the sunrise. I chanted the sun up and sent a big aloha out to those I love – Rod, Lucy, members of my family, my Lomi Ohana, Harriette and Birgit, Kahuna Harry and 2 elderly clients I’ve thought about while in Hawaii – Evelyn and Liliane, amongst others.

The sound of the waves set the beat as I flew, a solitary figure silhouetted against the ocean beyond. As sunrise approached a number of people had migrated to the point taking up spots here and there, some in view while others stood in the shadows.  Though there were only a handful of people physically present the area behind me was teaming with activity.

Each time I stepped back into the future, glimpses of figures would catch my eye for an instant. Yet when I tried to capture them in a longer glance, these wisps of past and future would playfully disappear. The dense energy the embodied mingled with the "glimmerings" sharing a sacred moment in time.

The thick cloud cover provided the rising sun with a subtle awakening. Shortly afterwards only a few others and I remained as a gentle rain began. Within minutes the skies opened up releasing a deluge upon us and we scrambled back to the dining area for shelter. I arrived at the dining hale totally saturated from head to toe. I was slightly chilled the rest of the day and I wondered if the hand washing from Sunday morning still hanging damply in the bathroom would ever dry. 

resting at the feet of the Buddha
After lunch I hitched a ride with 2 other Canadian dreamers and a local resident who’d offered to act as our tour guide. He was excited to share the beauty of nearby tide pools. We swam into an area rich in promise for prompting luminal states. A shimmering layer of warm, inland waters thermals float on top of the cool salt seawater. It’s like I’m swimming in a clear B52. This effect changes to one of viewing the tide pools' inhabitants through jello when we get closer to the source of the heated waters. When I engage my arms in any manner or follow too closely to the action of our guide’s flippers, a filmy cloud surrealistically blurs my surroundings to such a great extent that I seem to be swimming inside a cloud. Colourful fish of every description swim so non-plused by our presence that I feel like I’m just one of the gang.

Hula class tonight was hysterical. So much fun and laughter! And, I’m discovering that there are songs and chants for every occasion. The instructor leads us on basic movements. When we get the hang of each step combo he accompanies us with the chants and plays his double-headed gourd drum. The transition from one set to another surprisingly simple one causes great chaos and gales of laughter. As we float off in different directions many soft collisions result.

As I walk back to my hale I feel so blessed to be in the presence of such gentle, loving people - all that have come together in the spirit of Aloha.

Tomorrow Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim will be here speaking on Ho’oponopono. I'm very excited about this; I didn't know he would be here. I'm thrilled for my fellow dreamers because they will be inspired by his gentle spirit and loving heart.

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