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E-mail to Rod Mon Mar 12
Drove on the 19 along the north shore. So many different ecological zones occur within such a small area. It was pouring rain in the rainforest when I left. There was some rain in cattle country. And it was dry on the crossing over to the coast where golden grasses sway scattered amongst dark chocolate brownie-like rock surface (like when the topping cracks) which are sprinkled for miles along the roadside with white pebbles spelling out different messages, heart shapes and other symbols by travellers. Finally as I headed down the coast to Kailua-Kona there was not the sun that I was promised. The sky was cloud covered but still it was warmer and dryer and I enjoyed listening to Izzy and reggae on a local radio station and drinking ice Kona dark roast coffee mmmmm along the way.

Bill's directions were pretty good though missing some details. I'd google mapped it last night and was able to get within a few blocks before calling Joseph (the house manager) who directed me the rest of the way and gave me the key. I was considering renting a garmin for the trip but thought, "how lost can you get on a trip like this" and I also don't have much luck with those devices so I was better to do the google thing as it helps me orient myself to the terrain.

Bill's Place in Kailua-Kona

kids boogie boarding at sunset at Magic Beach

sunset at Magic Beach

in the distance, the work of the menehune at THE FISHBOWL


view from where I sat at THE COFFEE SHACK
After settling in I ate 1/2 of the lunch I had Kalani pack for me (a curried chicken wrap) and some almonds that Ellen gave me before she left and then headed out to Kahalu'u Beach aka THE FISH BOWL so named due to the many colourful fish found there. I wasn't disappointed! Though it was overcast they were still brilliant. And, I came upon yet another turtle. The water there has some thermals as the bay is spring fed. It is quite protected due to an out-cropping of rocks supposedly put there by the menehune (small people like fairies who work at night to get things done and excel at stonework) so that the fish would be contained there but the high priest of the area was concerned that if completed it would ruin the surfing and so he tricked the menehune into leaving it uncompleted. Lifeguards hang out on surfboards at the mouth of the bay due to rip tides which can take unwary swimmers up island. Though there could be surfing here it was too calm today. It's meant more for experienced surfers as rocks and coral are everywhere.

I came back to Bills, showered and then headed out to La'aloa Bay aka Magic or White Sands Beach a protected little beach where kids and families go to boogie board and body surf. It was a great place to watch the sun go down through the clouds. Not a spectacular sunset but a lovely one with families hanging out, people fishing and 2 lone swimmers way out in the bay. There is a Kapu (sacred site nearby) which demonstrates how important the land was and still is for the Hawaiians. I haven't taken pictures of these places in order to respect their sacredness.

I came back to Bill's at about 7:30, ate the rest of my "lunch" and watched HOUSE. As I haven't had any brain candy for over a week so I thought I'd indulge. I was going to go out to a café but I discovered that the place has a clothes washer and dryer. Everything's been so damp out at Puna that I found the idea of doing laundry (even if just the few items I had with me) strangely compelling.  So I did some hand washing only to find that the machine takes 4 quarters. I only had one. In order not to disturb the rest of the residents I'd have to go into town, come back and put the very small load in before it got too late. I ended up hanging my clothes outside on the patio using my travelling clothes line. I'm hoping they'll be dry by tomorrow. If not I'll just spread them out when I get into some sun.

Tomorrow my road trip continues on my way back to Kalani and hula class at 7:30p.m. I plan to have some great coffee and brekkie at The Coffee Shack ( which Deborah said, "is awesome for breakfast and lunch $$-$$$" and it has a great view. I'm planning to kayak, swim with fish and maybe dolphins, if they're into it.

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