Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hanging out at the Sweet Spot

Resident cat Tiger shows how it's done
I'm at Loren's place the Sweet Spot, walk to beach in Papaikou (is how it's listed on Airbnb) on the Big Island. Love the place, rustic and homey with people coming and going, just like home! Another bnb'r Yukiko has been telling me about some great local places to check out. Synchronicity abounds. She too is a student of Lomi lomi so we've enjoyed chatting about our experiences.

As you will see in a copy of an e-mail to my hubby below I had planned to take the bus. But I missed it, or rather it went by 20 mins after I'd checked out the service from Baker Tom's place down the road. I figured it had already gone. But it's Sat and there is no real tight schedule. It was also raining cats and dogs (has been since last night) and I couldn't see myself standing by the road with all my stuff getting drenched.

Had difficulty connecting with taxi's by phone and then realized that, when I did connect, I'd need specific directions to Loren's as there are no real road signs up to his place. So off I trotted again to get directions and pick up some of the great malasadas (sugar donuts) that looked so appetizing on my first trek down. I think that's how the universe works - it really was all about the donuts :)

Nice to have a leisurely morning chatting, writing, and sitting in the rain cooled air that wafts through the open door.

So, here's what I wrote last night...

I just got in 90 minutes ago. Loren was there to pick me up. Couldn't see much of the area - dark and minimal lighting. Apparently Loren couldn't see anything either (without his glasses that is) he's legally blind. So needless to say, he was a man wearing glasses. His van is a real working vehicle, not pretty, but served the purpose and the trip was fine. 

He's got a really cool, very rustic place here. You'd like it. There's one other woman staying here her 4th trip to Hawaii, travelling for 1 month. We talked while I had a bite to eat - tried a Rambutan - looks weird but tastes really great!  Loren gave me a tour of his place and the garden. He's got a pineapple plant!  So now after 25 years I finally know what they look like :)

Am pretty tired. I slept on the way over from LA. That's one crazy airport - not at all what I expected. I expected something much more up scale. Continental airlines not great re: service. Many people had difficulty connecting their flights, but mine went OK - people have been really helpful. 

As we walked down the isle of the airplane to Hilo another passenger who I was chatting with asked me what I was going to be doing in Hawaii. "I'm here to study with...him" I pointed to Robert Moss who was in a seat to the right of us as we passed by. We said hi (he remembered my face from previous workshop). He sounded somewhat sounded apologetic when he told me that he got bumped up to first class. Must have noticed me enviously eyeing the amount of leg room he had. Amazing how tight the seating is, and this is coming from me, virtual origami girl, so you can imagine how difficult it must be for bigger people who can't do their yoga practice while sitting in an economy class seat.

Couldn't get my computer logged in to any networks in transit. Not sure why. Want to get it sorted out for the return trip. + my battery had run out and there aren't many places to hook into in the airports. I watched what others were doing and, following their lead, I parked on a spot on the floor while the computer got charged up. At least it gave me time to sort out my pics as I couldn't get the internet - so time well spent.

The bus stop is just a street over and I'll take it to Kalani tomorrow.
As I said the bus trip didn't happen.

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