Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You library thing you

I could be accused of being a little obsessed with reading. I have 5 books on the go as we speak. I have 2 short essay, inspirational, compendium style books stored under the bed for night-time reading; 1 book, a collection of the author's humourous essays, I cart around with me for those coffee shop readings; another is on the shelf under the coffee table buried amongst torn pages of newspapers containing "must have" articles, a Spanish dictionary, Spanish phrase books and a Learn and Think in Spanish magazine amongst others, not to mention the books and stuff Rod has under there. The 5th is the book Soul Coaching, a workbook that I've been working on since June of 2009 which was supposed to take 3 mos (...well maybe in an ideal world) so you might say I've been on an extended Spring spiritual detox since then with no end in sight.

Due to a recent cull there reside small stacks of books destined for sale to interested parties, books on: Tarot and some decks I don't use, Traditional Chinese Medicine (amazingly unmarked), yoga related ones and the usual assortment of old coffee table style hardcovers. If you're interested let me know...

Loving books and being a hoarder of information I think this application could be useful or at least interesting. I like that you can get additional info from the link and, though it is interesting to hear what others think I'm more interested in meeting face to face with friends to talk about books rather than reading what a stranger thinks, so I can't see myself joining a group.

I really got into entering books I'd read, recalling when I read them, where I was, how they helped me through some tough times and so on. Books have been friends, confidantes, entertainment, cheerleaders, inspirations, I could go on and on. I took an online survey called StrengthsFinder through the book of the same name and all of my results indicated I'd be happiest sitting alone in nature on a mountain top reading and learning which is great, but doesn't make me very employable and bodes ill for social interaction. (library)

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  1. I don't suppose you have any math books in that discard pile, do you?