Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Widget thingy

Here's another challenge posed by the Library Lady.

Add this Library Thing Widget to my blog. it goes...

Oooo, I like how it shows the pretty pics of the covers - very professional, no?
Now, if I can only figure out how to move it over to the right hand side then I'd really be cooking. Enough for tonight, will try tomorrow.

It's kind of like a cliff-hanger in an old serial movie. Will she be able to do it? How will she hold up under the pressure? How much swearing, gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair will it take before she:
a) succeeds
b) has to take a break for M&M's and a can of Coke to shore her up for the next attempt
c) gives up
d) gives up and throws the computer out the window
e) takes the computer in for repair exclaiming "the dog ate it"

Tune in tomorrow and see. Can you stand the suspense?!


  1. To move it into your sidebar, cut the HTML code for the widget out of the post (or copy it) and paste it into a new HTML gadget (select HTML Text from the list of gadgets in the Design menu).

    Great job!

  2. Well done, Nance! Very professional looking! You certainly are 'cooking'!

    Blogger can be a little finicky (meaning frustrating) when it comes to the placement of images and widgets.