Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wiki no wiki

On our next Betty Blogger assignment we were to create a PB Works account in order to use a Wiki (Hawaiian-language word for 'fast')...

All well and good but for the create an account part.

I have created so many accounts for this and that over the years. Do I have a Wiki account? Well let's see if I do. 

So I punched in so many names, user names, passwords, nicknames, etc that I could have used, that I got totally discombobulated. The site was so confused that it even shut me out explaining something to the effect that the library site was sending me something but that it was bouncing back. Aarrgh! This is exactly the stuff that drives me nuts. Added to this was the fact that I had a migraine and my brain was like mush, nothing computes for me or for anyone/anything around me, anything within any proximity to me, actual or virtual goes kaphlooey as we get lost in the primordial ooze that is my consciousness.

So, I gave up.

I stomped upstairs (Rod has named me "the thing that lives under the stairs" as I spend so much time on the computer in my "office" at the base of the stairs in the basement) and in my migrainy, frustrated state cooked us some grub accompanied by a banging of pans and a sprinkling of #$%@% and @^#^# and @%#@$%. (migraine pain leads to foulness of being, extreme impatience and obliviousness towards others). Poor Rod put his plate out in a silent "please sir can I have some more" gesture in an attempt to stay out of my way while I chipped some unco-operative eggs off the skillet and on top of the slightly burnt toast that I'd tossed on his plate and then quickly exited the battle zone that was the kitchen (migraine pain leads to kitchen looking like the aftermath of WWII)

So...I'm in the drop-in class this very moment and the Library Lady has led me through the steps. First step being, after establishing order to my registration organization chart (CONFESSION TIME: which I was supposed to be doing as I've been going along - but haven't). "You don't have an account. You have to make one. If you did you'd have gotten an e-mail to confirm that you did", she explains with great patience.

"But I can't because...", I protest as I try to explain in something resembling computereze combined with English; my fingers dance upon the screen, flashing ever changing images in front of our eyes second by second. "And, it seems that in order to create an account I had to sign on for OpenID. What's an OpenID?"

"I don't know. But, I do know that you don't need one. So," her gaze finally grabs my attention and I'm finally in her capable hands as she leads me step by step through the "create an account" process. Which, migraine-free, was a piece of cake,


  • What dish am I bringing to the family meal? I'm "the bun girl" so I think that's pretty clear.
  • How was my PBWorks experience? Was it easy to use? See above.
  • Do I have any need for my own wiki? I have signed on for one and hope to use it to help organize stuff around my Mom's needs and also for council get-togethers.


  1. All in a days work, AC.

    And for the record, breakfast-for-dinner is the best!

  2. Sorry, I shouldn't be laughing as it sounds like a terrible day but the way you describe it... very funny. I hope the remainder of the tasks go more smoothly for you. I'm sure the migraine is mainly to blame.

  3. Hey Melissa,
    No, I'm glad that you are laughing. Thanks!
    Re: your previous comment - have I considered being a comedienne - somewhere along the line I lost it or it's temporarily floating somewhere in cyberspace and will land here as I was sure I punched publish. In answer to your comment, yup but I lack the guts so attempting to write humour is the next best thing.

  4. Ooops, found it in the previous blog. I'm still getting used to how the comments thing works.
    In the words of Rosanne Rosannadanna..."nevermind".