Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This assignment was to subscribe to feeds using a Google Reader account. No probs especially since I have been a follower of some blogs - see MY BLOG LIST in the column on the right - pretty much from the start of my blog. So I already had an account in some form and when I actually got into Google Reader itself I found all the blogs have been filed under Blogs I'm following.

When I go into my dashboard I have a Reading List, Blogs I'm Following and anytime someone posts a new entry it automatically shows up. I have only recently discovered this (all on my very own, I'm proud to announce); before I would enter into each site from my blog site and a lot of time was wasted. But, now I know that I can get into the blogs directly from my Google Reader it's even more efficient.

In answer to Library Lady's questions:

  • What RSS feeds have you subscribed to? See MY BLOG LIST for blogs that I'm following. Crazy Aunt Purl was the first blog I'd ever read; recommended to me by my sister, so you could say she's responsible for getting me into blogging in the first place.  Mind & Brain News, Articles, Information / Discover Magazine (which I put in a folder labelled - mind) as I've been picking up the publication every now and then - fantastic articles on the brain. I came across it in Chapters when I was reading THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF and saw that there was an article in the mag related to one of the scientists who appeared in the book and I wanted to know more. Globe Life - Facts & Arguments because I was reading it in the Globe today. One of these days I'd like to send something in so it helps to see what gets accepted, writing styles, subject matter etc. I figure it's a good writer's reference for the short essay. I filed it as newspaper writing.
  • Did you find Google Reader easy to use? Yes, yes, yes, especially since I just kind of fell into it and have used it lots already.
  • Will you continue to use the aggregator, Google Reader? Yes, though already I can't keep up with all the updates that happen, even on my fave blogs. 
I see RSS feeds as being great resources for research and keeping up to date with recent findings i.e. regarding brain research. I will be adding to the list, finding websites to put into folders titled hypnosis and dream work.

OOO, I just found out that you can add notes, uh oh, I'm in big trouble. There is a lot to explore on this application and I could very well get addicted to it. Must leave now. Must get up to date on what other bloggers are doing or maybe I'll check out the latest research on the mind, dreams or...


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  1. Great job, Nance. I'm glad you found a use for RSS--this is often one of those applications you either love or hate.