Monday, June 7, 2010

Reader's Digest Reject #4


Peering into the coffin during a visitation, six-year-old Daniel was admiring the new suit his deceased grandfather was wearing. No matter what the occasion Daniel had only ever seen "farmer Joe", much to his family's consternation, dressed in well worn, weathered, permanently stained work clothes.

Daniel turns to his mother and says innocently, "Wasn't it nice of grandpa to get dressed up to die."
Words: 64
Totally true and dialogue is verbatim

This was told to me, years after the fact, by Daniel's mother.

Although I don't know the circumstances around Daniel's grandpa's death, I love that it wouldn't dawn on this sweet, guileless kid that someone would dress his grandfather after he was dead. After all, as every kid knows, grown ups dress themselves — don't they?

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