Saturday, June 19, 2010

default of de-mind

In his article HYPNOSIS AND MEDITATION, which appeared in the Dec. 2009 issue of the JOURNAL OF HYPNOTISM, Philip H. Farber, CH introduced me to the concept of a "default network" — a set of neurological processes — of the brain. He says that when your brain is not occupied with conscious activity the default network kicks in with random activity (stories, daydreams, memories etc). As I understand it, if we don't fuel the flames of the story (and its attendant thoughts, emotions, judgment, drama, fear etc) or try to push the story away, it will "flash off" like steam from a boiling kettle and be replaced by others. Over time the stories will diminish and calm mind will break through with greater frequency.

In this blog entry of MENGSTUPIDITIS, Chade-meng Tan states that when we stop agitating the mind it becomes calm and clear and happiness is revealed as the default state of the mind. Deepak Choprah is in agreement and adds that we can't just will ourselves to be happy. We must work to let go of the "baggage" (aka karma) that we've accumulated in this life as well as past ones, attain a calm mind through meditation practice and then we will discover that happiness resides underneath all. Nothing can make me happy; happiness just is.

Throughout my lomi training and in the works of Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks the concept that happiness is our birthright was oft repeated. Some people are blessed with having a naturally happy and optimistic nature. Perhaps, subconsciously, they recognize more often than most, when they can choose between sadness and happiness and choose the latter. It has been proven that these fortunate types experience more success in their lives. Their success doesn't make them happy, rather their happiness draws successful outcomes to them.

Much of my meditation practice is spent observing thoughts, emotions and sensations as they pass through my mind while maintaining the non-judgmental stance of the observer. If I stop agitating the mind I witness the movement of energy in my brain as the default network of the brain in action; then I can discern when the default has gotten stuck on a thought or emotion, indicating in all probability that karma is affecting my present situation and actions.

But just how does one let go of this stuff? Emotions and thoughts can be explored through journalling, inquiry and reality checking, while: dream work, shamanic journeying and spiritual/energy based body work such as Lomi bypass the conscious mind and clear the way for resolution on other levels.

Lately, due to my virtually daily viewing of FIFA World Cup soccer, my default seems to be set on the sound of Vuvuzela's. It is said that if one was to go out into deep space, where there is no external sound at all, the universal hum of "OM" could be detected; the sound underlying all. Well, it feels like I'm actually hearing the Vuvuzela's as they are being played; that I'm connected to the world wide buzz of humanity.

Ah ha, maybe that's why the wasp has been attracted to our house and has been building its nest outside our door!

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