Monday, June 21, 2010

in the bat room

I usually begin hanging from the pelvic swing
with this pose, click here to see.
And, then proceed to the version below.

I am not actually touching the mat here.
Notice the shadow on the green mat.

To release the back in a little different way
I then do these 2 versions beginning with
the less dramatic pose above followed
by the one you see below.

This one here is a little tricky. You have to keep the rope to the inside of the knees and ankles and squeeze towards the middle. This is when it really helps to have a butt, the bigger the better. I find it demands a lot of trust in my abilities as it feels as if I could slip off at any moment. However, this is exactly what makes it such a great technique to practice as it is this very quality that enables me to descend into handstand. I'll talk about this and demonstrate it in another post.

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