Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reader's Digest Reject #5

It's been a while; long overdue in fact.

Boys and girls it's that time again. Time once more for (drum roll please) "Ta da" READER'S DIGEST REJECTS.

During a family reunion, a group of adults was clustered around; talking. My eight-year-old nephew was excitedly and very loudly trying to add to the conversation. My husband Rod turns to him and in a soft voice says, "Johnny lower your voice," gesturing in a downward motion with his hand.

Rod returns his attention to the group and we resume talking. So does Johnny, in a voice just as lout and excited, he says, "Is this better uncle Rod?"

We all turn to see Johnny sitting on the floor as he speaks.

Rules: word count must be 100 or less and story must be true
Words: 92
Only the name of my nephew has been changed (to protect the not so innocent anymore and much older now) otherwise this story is totally true.

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