Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Aside from the fact that Flippy is busy at work depositing an ever so shiek, fine, layered blend of soft Flippy-fluff thereby transforming my once drab computer bag into an inspired creation, do you notice any new changes around here?

Uh huh, uh huh, I thought you would. It's all thanks to the BETTY BLOGGER course I'm taking and the assistance of the Library Lady.

My friend was right. This program is fantastic. I came in to the drop-in session this morning with a list of challenges I haven't been able to solve for months. And the Library Lady helped me solve all my problems within 90 minutes... I heard that. No, smarty pants, the Library Lady's not a counsellor or psychiatrist. She's a computer Web 2.0 whiz — which for me is a bazillion times better as blogging IS my therapy.

It's such a relief to work through and explore this stuff and all that can be done at my own pace AND have a guide who will also work at my own pace, no: jumping in, taking over, clicking at the speed of light to "voila" make the changes for me and expect me to get what she's done. She just calmly stands by my side, observing, directing and working alongside me on her own computer which allows me to follow along. BRILLIANT!!! And, anytime I press a key by mistake or launch anything into cyberspace due to my excitedly dancing fingers the Library Lady is there to act as my safety net.

And not a swearword has been uttered!

I have to take that back, only one, by me of course. But it was a tiny, little inoffensive one that just slipped out under my breath.

Now I've probably blown it. The next drop-in session will probably be filled with the 70 or so other students (no, less as some people are taking part from Victoria and India). I should have said that her assistance sucked and she's a real b***h. But the cat is out of the bag (damn enthusiasm). Not only is she efficient and helpful, she's nice and P-A-T-I-E-N-T.

I assume the title of the course was designed to draw the attention of my generation and to help us enter into the Web world (especially those of us without children aka computer consultants). Though I've been blogging for a while now it's taken me months and months to get where I am though a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But today as I worked alongside the Library Lady I could feel myself "getting it", becoming more courageous, enthusiastic and confident with exploring innumerable options, applications or whatever you call 'em (still have to work on the lingo) on my own.

Men take note, this is an entirely male friendly venue — we're really working hard on our tasks here, not talking recipes (we may be blogging about them, but we're not talking about them). Anyway, my point is that it's extremely user friendly.

Maybe I'll get up to snuff and be able to mix it up with the geeks. It could happen.

Please Note: (Vanna White sweep of the hands) I added on a new gadget which appears at the bottom of each post and shows what you might also like to read. Because I typed computer angst in my labels area at the end of this entry, it'll bring up posts related to my struggles with blogging and computer issues (happily many of these have been corrected over time so some of them may not make too much sense but you'll be able to get my drift). So to those students in the class who are new to this stuff, read and be assured that if I can do it so can you. The advantage is you won't have to go through all the angst along the way.

I just checked my post and those computer related entries don't come up. Never mind. Don't listen to me, I don't know what I'm talking about. You'll get some more RANDOM postings totally unrelated to computer stuff, but it looks nice.

To see more about my journey with computer angst hit the labels: computer angst, Betty Blogger or computer/blogger angst in the side bar.

OK, I'm back again. Every time I come in to edit my blog and publish it I get different selections in the "you might like" section. I'm just telling ya.

If anyone knows if I can select the 3 that I'd like to show up that would be really helpful otherwise I'll leave it up to the randomness of the universe.

I've had a bazillion hits on my site since I started it. They're all me cus I keep doing this. The geeks can rest easy, I won't be schmoozing with them any time soon.

That's it, I'm really done now...I mean it. I'm not coming back into this post again. All for now.  Bye bye.


  1. *blush*

    Thanks, Nance! I'm glad I could help. Your blog is great fun to read.

  2. It's inspiring that you admit that you've struggled with setting up your blog. For so many of us who are less comfortable with this technology, we think that someone with a blog with as many cool features and gadgets as yours must have been created by a geeky expert. Thanks for reminding us that we simply need to experiment, persevere and not be embarrassed to seek help from others so we too can conquer our technology fears. (And now you'll have to come to the Drop In to show me how to do some of these things!)