Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo mayhem

OK so our next task at Betty Blogger is to explore Picassa.

I opened an account on Picassa over a year ago. I mucked about with it a little and then went to put a picture in my blog and...entered a parallel, Bizarro universe. Fans of Superman know what I mean (Why do I sound like such a nerd and what the hell is Goofy? Is he a dog or a person or what and why, if he is a dog does he own a dog called Pluto?), it kind of looks the same, but doesn't act the same as when I was putting pictures in through other means. Don't ask me what those other means were back then cus I don't know. I'm on a MAC now and use i-photo to post pics but sometimes I seem to have problems adding pictures this way so I put them in some other way. I don't know how. Somehow I just make it happen. Cross my heart, I'm not making this s**t up.

All of a sudden I had 2 blogs titled Awakening Choice but with slightly different URLs. I even discovered a fan I didn't even know I had stranded out there in the dark side of Awakening Choice land II. I had to bring him over to Awakening Choice, aka the light side. I had to post an entry basically saying, "Oops, you've got the wrong blog.  Click here and come on over the real blog," in order to round up anyone else who could be wandering around over there thinking How lame is she; doesn't she ever finish an entry?

So when I go to my dashboard it looks like I have 2 posts and they're both called Awakening Choice - it's a lie - the deleted one lays dormant just waiting there, haunting me. It's creepy.

*   *   *
I thought I'd enter in a nice picture from my Picassa album. But I can't get it to work. I click on the insert image icon in the tool bar but  I can't "choose" one pic only the app icon itself which makes the MAC spinny thing show up. Maybe Picassa can't be used this way? I tried entering it through Blogger which seems to launch me into the parallel universe. Not going there!

OK then I'll choose one from i-Photo, but nope I am blocked at the app and can't choose an individual picture.

What the hell I'll just go into i-Photo again, export the photos I want into "my pics" and...ureka, here they are. I'll be back in a day or 2 and try again. NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME FOR A COMMENT ANYONE - HELP!

Til then enjoy pics from Montreal Jazz Festival festivities.


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  1. Sorry, Nance, I'm not sure why you're experiencing all these difficulties. I'll see what I can find in my Google for Seniors book as Blogger and Picasa are Google tools. Plus, I got some hits on Google for Picasa AND Mac.

    But your pictures are great--especially that first one.