Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am Canadian and I live in Burlington Ontario so I supposed I shouldn't be shocked by the sight that greeted me this morning (our 3rd day of spring) when I looked out the door.

Call me a wimp if you will, but I quickly closed the door, cranked up the heat and decided to work from home for the remainder of the morning.

Earlier this morning I'd cancelled my 30K Around the Bay training walk with Candy. We'd try for later in the day we both agreed and once I hung up the phone I dove back into bed for some early morning drifting of my own.
I'd hoped that when I next opened the door I'd find the blaze of the afternoon sun had melted all the snow and I could drive off in my chariot unobstructed and be off for my walk. This was not to be so. Candy and I deemed conditions too lousy for even an afternoon saunter.

But errands were begging to be tended to and before ALF W and I could head out some serious shovelling had to be done. In this pic, serious shovelling resulted in this bleak, windswept sight. It is as cold as it looks!

And, here's where all of the heavy, wet stuff, plus chunks of ice got put. My front yard is under there somewhere. I do like the nice little drift to the left of the tree. It shows you the direction of the wind. For every toss of snow I heaved into the air a substantial amount pelted me in the face. On the plus side; I won't need to exfoliate for days!

Though initially Flippy was disappointed that I'd shut the door this morning and robbed her of her morning ritual of overseeing her domain, in her capacity as the mistress of the neighbourhood, on subsequent investigation I swear I clearly heard her say, "what the F**k!"

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