Sunday, March 13, 2011

Playtime in the bat room

One of my favourite things to do is just hang around on the ropes. This series feels so great for the upper back and shoulders. As I look at these pictures I realize that they don't convey the sense of opening that I feel in my body. In this first picture, I feel as if I'm bending at a 90 degree angle; my legs feel parallel to the floor.
Here, I've swung back, using my legs to propel me so that I can catch the lower set of ropes. By bringing my arms out to the sides there is a tremendous stretch across the chest.
 As I stretch my arms "up" above my head you can see how the full arc of the body is complete. The arch is distributed throughout the body. This is the perfect way to open out the groins and the arm pits, thus take the strain off of the lumbar which can take the brunt of the load in back bending.
I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS... it just feels great!
Again, perception is deceiving here. It feels as if my feet are just inches away from my head, but not so. I play between this posture and the two previous ones, cycling and flowing from this to arms "up", to arms out wide,  to arms "up", back to this one and so on.

This actually is how I use my legs to catch the lower ropes, pulling the ropes with my heels I take a few swings to be able to reach the lower ropes. I'm able to hold the position with my legs and then extend my arms "up" to get that first really great body arch stretch.

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