Sunday, April 5, 2009

Readers Digest Reject #2

This word for word conversation occurred a few years ago while my Mom was still living alone in the family home.

When my hermit-like, elderly mother asked me what I'd been doing that day I told her I'd been "out and about". When I posed the same question to her she said she'd been "here and there".

Surprised by her response (thinking that maybe one of my siblings had coaxed her out of the house for a drive - which she'd accept on the rare occasion) I asked, "Where is there?"

"Oh, you know..." she replied waving her hand, as we leaned on the kitchen counter looking out the window. "There," and points to a spot on the floor two feet away.
100 words.
True story

Readers Digest Reject #1 tells the sad story of hopes and dreams dashed by rejection.

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