Monday, April 27, 2009

...and another foot

It was really bugging me that I couldn't get the Sportline 345 info out in the last blog post. Not to the point that it brought out "computer Nance" (believe me you don't want to see her in action) but just to the point that I had to get it to work - just call this aspect "OCD Nance".
So here it is - Sportline 345. Now you have a picture and a ms pookie review of this gadget and can make your own decision.
It also dawned on me that, though most of these pedometers are clipped to your waistband or belt, some people prefer at times to just be able to put it in their pockets hence another reason my client retains a few different models. So, before you buy also consider how you want to carry the thing.
To my mind ideally it would be small, able to be clipped to your waistband or popped into a pocket, and have a cover over the reset button so that it couldn't be triggered by accident. As I said, all I want is for it to count the steps - remember the sheer simplicity of numbers gives me a soft and fuzzy feeling of contentment - the more they go up the better. You may want all the bells and whistles so check that out too. What motivates you: calorie counts, distance walked or numbers?
Whew, now I feel very relieved!
I think I'll stay away from the computer for the rest of the day - save myself from getting obsessed about my other task...making a CD from a voice recording. That brings out "Computer Nance"; not the best body worker unless you want to be poked and prodded and sworn at. Nope, today's a day for the "Walking Vallium".

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