Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yoga with cats

Kitties add to the ambiance of any room.
Christmas is just winding down, as is my digestive system, from yesterday's fabulous feasts. We enjoyed our fill at friends' traditional Christmas brunch (he makes the best eggs bene) and got caught up with their family and friends. After a brief pit/chill stop at home we headed down the road, through a cloud of sleet, for Christmas dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's where we dove in to more delicious, traditional fare. Tales were told, laughs and hopes for the year to come were shared as we lounged on couches fending off post-turkey, post carb, l-tryptophan induced sleep.
So, today we rest and we do yoga...
Maya and Flippy enjoy their Christmas gifts.
"Krinkly" paper is their favourite thing to dive into
before settling down to yoga practice!!

They take their positions for yoga.
Maya moves over to the "princess pillow" to take command.

Every time I go into upward dog this is what I see; they help me concentrate
and have concluded that ujjayi breath is how humans purr.

Then we end with savasana.
Maya shows perfect form

And Flip's elevated it to a fine art!
This is my favourite way to start boxing day, or any day for that matter. As my yoga buddies watch over me I wish for you that your "angels" watch over you for the rest of this holiday season.


  1. Hey Nance! Love the kitty yoga! AND happy '30th' birthday!! Take care, Loy