Saturday, December 15, 2012

If you build it...

My mind drifts back to the amazing summer of 2012 and these images keep entering...

They imagined themselves shipwrecked, saw their place in the bigger picture of things and added signs pointing the way on a cold, windy day.

Somebody really had a lot of time on their hands!

Structure on Comber's Beach, west coast Vancouver Island

A less isolated beach inspired this more modern looking creation...

Structure on Sidney Spit

When I see these pics I can feel the warmth of the sun
beating on my skin, :-)

Then there are structures for dreamers to dream in...

The yurt at Mosswood Hollow where we dreamed.

Inside a warm fire welcomed us every morning.

At the end of Robert's Dream Teacher Training I at Mosswood we created projects inspired by our dream studies together. A lovely fairy presence sang to herself as she danced about amongst the bushes, trees and flowers. What is she doing? I asked myself.

This is what she was doing...

I missed it when I passed by the morning
of our presentations.

She created a perfectly inviting home for garden devas and fairies!

And then there are the homey spaces nature provides...

Look real close and you'll see the entrance to the right,
shielded by leaves.

I don't know who calls this home. I didn't dare peek in too closely.


  1. These photos make me so happy! Thank you for sharing them. To me the base of that tree looks like a face as well as an entrance :-)

    1. Hi Kate - thanks for your response. So glad that they make you happy; me too!!! Yes I see the face too now that you mention it.