Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mirror Mirror

"Real" life spills into our dream world and vice versa reminding me that the veils between the worlds are permeable indeed.
A friend buys a beautiful one of a kind hand crafted mirror at an exclusive art and craft show. She hangs it on a wall in her office. When it is unveiled, the natural light streaming upon it reveals a less than perfect product. During the fabrication process perhaps the grinding plates were too coarse as the reflective metal surface under the glass is scratched. We take it back to the seller's booth and on second viewing in this space the flaw is so obvious it is inconceivable that it could have been missed during the stages of production and by artisan, seller and purchaser alike; but it was.
It happens. While working as a camera operator, in the composing room of a local newspaper, I occasionally subbed as a proof-reader. I performed the latter duty in a small cubicle papered with clippings of the "ones that got away" such as the headline proudly declaring "PUBIC MEETING A RESOUNDING SUCCESS!"
But I digress.
Back to the mirror and my point. This waking dream-like event fuelled a waking dream spurred on by an uncomfortable "real" life interaction that I had had with a woman who was acting in a, perhaps self-appointed, authoritarian capacity. The details are not important except to say that we had widely differing assessments of a situation. What is important is that we were both acting from what we felt was the best interest of another person. Our perspectives spoke volumes about us as individuals and our particular take on life.
What causes some people to have such a narrow, uptight, shame based, constricting, dour and solemn view that distorts the intentions and actions of another? I asked myself later that night weighed down by the event.
As I posed the question I drifted off into a waking dream enveloped in a grey, fog-like mist. The mist swirled around me leaving misshapen forms in its wake as I backed away. I latched on to one form, squinting to get a clearer picture of the image before me. An odd sensation took over me. I began to embody it.
Walk away. 
I stopped
Walk away. I was warned.
Stealthily I backed away until I emerged from the spell of a fun house mirror. There I stood gazing at the distorted reflection of myself.
Do not gaze too deeply or you will be ensnared once more. Look around.
There were many such shadowy, misty mirrors; each with their own particular pattern of distortion.
Your image in any of these mirrors will reflect a distorted view of yourself. 

Like a moth drawn to a flame I was strangely fascinated by each and felt compelled to delve deeper into their shadows.
©Nance Thacker '12
Gaze too deeply into any of these and you will be transported into a world of distortion fitting the reflection. You are familiar with these worlds. Though it will be challenging, it is time to let go of your fascination with these things. You have many choices. Look around. Find the mirror with the impeccable finish. The one that reflects most accurately the brightest, clearest, lightest image - your true self.
Mirrors in frames ranging from ornate and opulent to mere ribbons of metal or unfinished wood, hung in the air or stood self-supported forming a brilliant, shining maze in an otherwise black space. Looking from mirror to mirror, I caught glimpses of multi-reflected selves and infinite possibilities.
Find the mirror that shines brightest. The one ringed with gems and crystals. They will strengthen and amplify all the positive feelings and thoughts that you put into it and will reflect this world back to you.
*      *      *
©Nance Thacker '12
A few days later my elderly client wants to go over Kahuna Harry Jim's FOUR DECLARATIONS with me. She's not sure of the meanings that they hold. I know them by heart as I recite them before and during my treatment sessions but I decide a re-reading of his book WISE SECRETS OF ALOHA is in order so that I may relay their wisdom as clearly and accurately as possible.
To my shock and amazement I have been reciting one of the lines in the first declaration incorrectly as:
"My presence in the Halau is a sacred manifestation from me to myself to shower gratitude, GRACE, and bliss to my whole being and through me to the receiver."
"My presence in the Halau is a sacred manifestation from me to myself to shower gratitude, GROWTH, and bliss to my whole being and through me to the receiver."
I wonder what will be freed up in me once the seeds of welcoming growth take hold?

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