Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It's been a busy few weeks at Awakening Choice.

I had the pleasure of presenting (for the my 3rd year) meditation workshops at Tim Horton's Wellness Weekend on April 16th and 17th up at the beautiful TIM HORTON'S MEMORIAL CAMP in Parry Sound.

For a reasonable fee, employees of Tim's, their families and friends escape the daily grind and go to camp one weekend each year. What really thrills me is that the proceeds from the weekend go towards the TIM HORTON'S CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION which helps economically disadvantaged kids go to camp.

Being one of 5 kids of a travelling salesman and a hard working housewife, I never did get to go to camp but knew some who did and I admit I was quite envious as I read their "I wish you were here" letters. But this I know for sure... they never had as much fun as an adult can have at camp!

There's no cooking, cleaning up or thinking about food until you have to choose from the delicious offerings laid out before you; no phones ringing at all hours of the day. Rod and I have 2 business lines at home and we don't answer calls "after hours", but, what we consider "after hours" is ambiguous at best and there's no escaping anywhere the phone's distinctive ring tone. The moment we hear it, pointer-like we freeze, stop what we're doing and listen, just in case it's important — which is subject to interpretation. So, though we don't have to answer its call, we're continually on hold.

At camp, other than my commitment to teaching, my time is my own. Ahhh, no demands; no responsibilities.

Whatever shall I do? Maybe I'll take part in dance, tackle the climbing wall, go for an eco tour, have a massage, learn soapstone carving or just hole up in my log cabin room and read or snooze, sit and chat with fellow campers by the fireplace or lay on the dock gazing at the starry night sky?

Saturday night is party night and the best dance party ever! Dozens of women (and, this year, one brave male soul) rock on to the tunes of the MUSKOKA ROADS BAND from Parry Sound. Got a request? They can play it.

Though this weekend was rainy and cold and we woke up to a blanket of snow on Sunday morning, there was more fun to be had before we loaded up in the Tim's bus for our trip home. Some people car pool it but I prefer the atmosphere of the bus. On the big bus I can read, write or watch the onboard movies. Though I'd seen it at the theatre, I took in another viewing of MORNING GLORYon the way home (check out what they do to the guy who plays Ernie Appleby - hysterical!).

To all of those meditation workshop participants (15 on Sat and 21on Sunday) snuggled into the couches, draped over chairs and splayed out on the floor, covered with blankets, their heads resting on pillows as they drifted off into relaxation with me; to the staff that provided us with such lovely accommodation and food (many of whom were once TIM'S campers themselves!); and to the people at TDL Group for again accepting my offer to present my passion THANK YOU!!!

When you're in a TIM'S drop some spare change in the DONATION box for the camp. If the kids at TIM'S camp have half as good a time as I did your donations have been well spent indeed.

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