Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gettin' the ya yas out

After Rod and I'd paid our mortgage off we went nuts purchasing furniture, a new bed and bedding to go with it, blinds, a carpet (all needed, by the way) to mention just a few items, along with some other "stuff" not needed so much, but enjoyed. After all was said and done we sat on our new couches with our feet up on our new coffee table in a state of shock. What the hell had happened to us? We'd uncharacteristically spent what we would have saved from our next 3 mortgage payments.

I have a theory that we shop not only because it gives us that temporary high, but also because it gets the ya yas out. My theory goes on to explain that we also shop more when we feel anxious, sad or depressed about anything or deprived.

Keeping on a tight budget is kinda like dieting - you deny, deny, deny yourself until you just can't bear it anymore and you consume the whole damn chocolate cake instead of allowing yourself a nibble now and then.

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copyright Nance Thacker 1986
What has me thinking about all this was hearing someone, just yesterday, utter the phrase "pent up consumerism". There must be a cartoon for this, I thought...and there was, from the THACKER cartoon archives circa 1986.

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