Monday, October 4, 2010

It was worth the trip

Every day something has occurred stirring such a profound gratitude from the depth of my soul that I have found myself proclaiming aloud or silently, "It has been worth the trip!"

Here are just some of those moments:
Sea Lions basking in the sun on our Eagle Eye Tour
An afternoon with Rod at Moose Falls just outside of Campbell River
Rod and I, Jean and Cliff take in the Market on a Sat morning:
delicious cinnamon buns, home-made pizza and doughnuts,
home grown produce and delicacies.
The Whisky Jacks at the base of Mount Washingtons entrance to Strathcona Park eat right out of your hand.
Miracle Beach where we witnessed Salmon (Chums) leaping for over 30 minutes.
A great day for the seals; for the salmon...not so much
There have been moments (too many to mention) with family and friends that will remain in my heart forever.

"It has been worth the trip!" Thanks to all who made our stay so memorable! I hope we can all say those words at the end of our life — wouldn't that be amazing! Seems like something to aim for.

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