Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goats on the roof AND MORE

Yes, there are goats on the roof.

This is what Coombs BC is known for and people come from around the world to see these guys. It is one of my in-laws favourite places not only for its goat appeal, but it is THE place from which to purchase “the best” (at least in my father-in-law’s estimation) local candied ginger. Sure it takes 90 minutes to get here from Campbell River but, what’s not to like – come here - satisfy your aw-w-w quotient and purchase a digestive aid all in the same trip. It’s worth the drive to Coombs.

I first heard mention of the “goats on the roof” from a local island girl when I came to Victoria in ’76, although back then it was merely the whimsy of an eccentric local to have his goats graze on his roof. A whole market has grown around the main house and more attractions have been added since our last visit in ’05.

The market in its country setting is stocked beautifully with vibrant fresh produce in a manner that would put Whole Foods to shame. Any type of freshly baked (though pricy) bread or smoked salmon you could wish for, you’ll find it here.

The slew of tourist kitsch, knick knack, Asian clothing, craft, and snack bars was present the last time I visited but new to me is the collection of massive soapstone carvings and the VW Museum which, for a mere $2. you can delight all things VW from restored beauties to photos, and any photo, album cover (check out the Beatles Abby Road Album) or ad in which a VW makes its appearance as centre stage or supporting role.

Another beautiful day on Vancouver Island! They say we’re in the rainy season, I think they lie to keep tourists away and have some time to themselves.

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