Monday, May 11, 2009

A fine flu

or - A Positive Contagion Is THE Real Inoculation for The Bugs That Are Bugging Us

I was in today getting remnants of the ol’ “surfing injury” that began as a yoga injury that began as a bed injury (as in, I turned over in bed and my sacroiliac went kaplooey) adjusted by Dr. Steve - chiropractor, iron man athlete and trainer extraordinaire, husband and adoring father of 3 cute little girls; the kind of guy that has a positive attitude towards life that is…well, positively viral.


Isn’t that what we all really need, instead of the Swine Flu; a bout of the Fine Flu!

Just imagine, someone asks you how you are doing today and you say, “Bloody fine mate!” And, you feel it. Feel how good fine…Oooo or maybe even - good, great, terrific, fantastic, ecstatic - would feel, in the moment that you say it, if only just for the moment as you are saying it.

O.K., so maybe some people will walk away considering you a nut case for not staying down in the muck with them but do you really need, yet more people to rain on your parade. Not me babe! Look to the rainbow…oh, oh I feel a musical coming on.

Look I’m no Pollyanna, I’ve had bouts of negativity to rival anyone else’s but where has it gotten me/us?

I realize that maybe aspects of our life aren’t the best. But, in that moment, if we realized that someone is caring enough to ask about our well being we could chose to acknowledge and appreciate that and welcome the amazing opportunity it gives us to honour the moment by feeling it.
(I came across the basic design of the rather Zen looking character done by another artist years ago, but I don't know who that person is. It spurred on this cartoon's story line - thank you whoever you are for the inspiration.)
*cartoon copyright Nance Thacker '90.

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