Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Yup, this appropriately describes how I feel about this island and its beauty.

Last week we went "up island" to Tofino for a few days to participate in a local past time; storm watching. This time of year the winds blow pelting rain in all directions and the waves roar, tossing tree trunk sized logs onto the beach like matchsticks. This storm day is relatively benign yet the shore tells another story of crashing waves heaving heavy loads into the tree line rimming the sand and I'm awed by the untamed, fearsome beauty of nature.

The first night we walked MacKenzie Beach and were blessed with this magnificent sunset. I sat under the cloudless evening skies that graced our nights, watching shooting stars dance above as I played my drum to dream the dream forward.

Wickaninnish Interpretive Centre aka Kwisitis Visitor Centre at Wickaninnish Beach, Tofino - the centre is being redesigned to reflect the area's cultural and natural landscape. I could spend hours digging into the visible storage and interactive displays. There's still more to see but I'll save that for another visit. The restaurant offers a place to sit by the fire to dry off because you'll be drenched from your beach walk. You can enjoy light fare, warm drinks and treats, like we did, from a window seat - the perfect vantage point for storm watching.

This glistening, lovely totem welcomed us as we walked through the woods along the well-manicured trail leading to the beach, a short distance from the centre. Bear eats salmon as killer whale dives into his head and eagle just sits atop it all.

One of the many coves that dot the way.

Here's our vantage point from dog and family friendly Ocean Village Resort on MacKenzie Beach. The perfect location -  a 5 min drive into Tofino and a short drive the best surfing beaches on the island. The little kitchenette; cozy, well laid out space and most comfy bed ever makes one feel right at home! We headed out later in the day so that we could lounge around in the belly of our cedar cocoon, reading while listening to the waves, the rain on the roof and the wind. From our 2nd level perch we could see the beach and ocean beyond. A solitary swim interspersed with dips in the hot tub was my reward upon our return from the beach walk. Ah, the capping of a perfect day!

Another beautiful sunset lights our easy as we head home after visiting family in Campbell River.

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