Thursday, July 11, 2013

...and exhale everybody!

A-a-a-a-h-h-h-h, that's the relieving sound of a big exhaled breath.

I haven't posted since May 6th because, I've been doing my version of goin' holoholo around the sale of our home and move to Victoria. Rod and I have talked about living on Vancouver Island for years, saying that, "In 3 years we'll move out there." 

Guess what? 3 years is up.

I've returned to the island 4 times since I moved back to Burlington in '86. I was anxious that the first visit would leave me pining for Victoria and surrounds and was totally surprised to discover that in my heart I knew that Ontario was exactly where I was supposed to be. Not only supposed to be but wanted to be. I was totally content to come back after that visit and after the second one but, in 2010 things changed. I was getting stirrings. I found myself perusing the want ads for homes for sale. I wandered the streets under the guise of going for a walk but in reality I was checking out what was available. 

So, when we attended our niece's wedding in Aug last year we both knew the time was right. This was confirmed when Rod returned home to Burlington while I stayed on for another few weeks. We both came to the same conclusion, during our time apart. We need to move now while we have many years to explore the island and use it as a home base from which to venture to areas on the west coast of Canada and the U.S., Hawaii, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. 

To say I'm excited is an understatement. 

But, once the decision was made I strangely felt the need to keep it kinda hush, hush. I didn't want to jinx it (taking the holoholo casual approach). I waited til January to tell my clients we were leaving as I imagined them all bailing on me in a mad rush to find another therapist. This didn't happen. In fact I've been busier than ever as many are wanting that, "one last treatment". And, I couldn't dare write about it because that for sure would mess things up, and since that's been the A#1 thing on my mind; the thing I'd most likely blab about, I had to avoid my blog like the plague.

But now, not only has our place sold but we, just yesterday, landed our apartment, the place that will be home for the first year at least, if not longer.


So this is what you'll see on our lawn until Sat when, having fulfilled COMFREE's request to put it up for 2 weeks, we can take it down.

Flippy's in shock and later takes to my bed for the day

On July 31st Rod and I, having closed up shop, will leave family and friends, and embark on, the subject of the iconic Canadian movie, a road trip across the country to fulfill our dreams for the future.

The day before I put the sign up waves of nausea washed over me. After we hammered it into the lawn Flippy stayed away from her usual post in front of the door as neighbourhood watch, she ate very little choosing to lay on my bed most of the day; she was in a funk. 

I told Rod, "Flippy's really bummed by the sign."

"I didn't know she could read," he replied.

I laughed, "No, that sign isn't supposed to be there. It's just not how her front yard is supposed to look." But secretly I wonder...  

And, Maya our other spayed female kitty, has taken up spraying in her spare time earning her a new nick name...Squirt. 

I don't know what they're so worried about. They're going to stay in a kittie retreat centre, be flown out in high style, met at the airport and chauffeured to their home where they'll continue to be spoiled rotten.

To say we're all a little anxious would also be an understatement.

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