Friday, July 13, 2012

Catching up with you

It looks like I've abandoned you but not so...
Go to AWAKENING CHOICE DREAMS and check out the my blog over there.
I have 2 new posts on Dreams:
FEED YOUR SOUL - July 10 - about consulting the card oracle
GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK - July 13 - about synchronicity and David Strathairn
2 things I have in common with David Strathairn, the wonderful actor:

  1. He began his career as a clown. Clowns freak me out! However, my nephew studied clowning as part of his university theatre program and told me that clowns are like aliens that have come into this world and don't know a thing - everything seems odd and wondrous to them. Since I can totally relate, and I find DS gorgeous, I'll forgive him for having been a clown.
  2. His maternal grandmother was native Hawaiian. I love all things Hawaiian.

Check out this site as tomorrow as I'll post the entry that I sent to Gail Vaz Oxlade for her WEEK OF STORIES and you will see exactly why my entry - filled with failure, no lessons about money learned and illustrating, probably not, the best way to spend money during a financial crisis - didn't make the cut. But before you leave here click on the link for GVO and check out the stories. They're fascinating, full of life lessons learned and they might even inspire you to deal with some nagging debt issues yourself.

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