Monday, May 21, 2012

Yup, it's been that long

During my mini-shiatsu sessions at the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary Fair a client mentioned that she does yoga.
"Have you been doing it for long?" I ask.
"Yup, about 5 years," she responds quickly.
"I do yoga too."
"For very long?" she asks.
"Oh, for about...(I have to figure it out cus I can't believe it myself) 43 years".
"Wow, 43 years!"
 As those words come out of this young woman's mouth, I feel like a geezer. And, I'm anticipating her next question to be, "Just how old are you anyway?" But instead she asks, "What did people wear to do yoga in those days?" and now I feel like an anthropological subject.
"People weren't so concerned with yoga gear. We didn't have yoga studios. We went to gyms, church basements, or did it at home in front of the TV following along with Lilias or Kareen."
"I guess you wore leotards and, what do you call them, tights?"
"Well, I actually practiced my yoga in a sweat suit to begin with." And as we talked I remembered this cartoon commentary on the evolution of the workout/yoga outfit through the 60's to the 80's. From the time when you took fitness classes to be fit to the time when you had to be fit to take part in fitness classes; this was reflected in the attitude and the workout apparel of the times.

©Nance Thacker 1990

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