Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dreams & Synchronicity - our teachers

There were no dreams hovering around my awareness as I awakened this morning. Disturbing myself as little as possible, I lay on one side and then the other, but none came to call or even brushed by me. But, I'm not disappointed as there are many different ways of accessing the Dreamtime. One of my favourite is to pull a card from an amazing deck that I've used since the lomi training with Harriette and Birgit in 2005.

My mind drifts and floats in nothingness as I shuffle the Journey to Kanaka Makua cards. Unless clarification is needed I will only seek guidance from one card today. This deck is stunning in its clarity and accuracy, so one is usually sufficient. The deck fans out in my hands and my fingers find the one in 49 that is the vibrational match.

AHI - Fire emerges.

From within the message, these words feel important and right and are recorded in my journal:
"Burn away what stops you. Make way for the new." and "To create and destroy".

I don't seek out what is stopping me, from what am I being stopped, nor what new thing is coming my way. Rather I feed the cats, move to my mat for my yoga session, prepare for and treat my clients and later clear the bathroom for Rod to begin our long planned renovation. I keep Flippy and Maya company downstairs as bashing and crashing resounds from their upstairs lair and open up the book  AWAKENING TO THE SPIRIT WORLD - the Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation, to where I left off last night. At the top of the next page - page 103 is A FIRE CEREMONY. Authors Ingerman and Wessleman describe this ceremony used to release core beliefs that are blocking one from using their creativity to its fullest and living ones' life purpose. Fire with the power to destroy, transform, transmute and create is the perfect vehicle for this task. They describe how to discover your blocking belief(s) or attitude, create a symbolic power object and imbue it with these qualities. The object is then burned in ceremony releasing these blocks in the process.

As I was typing this blog I referred back to my journal entry to make sure that I have the wording of the message from the cards correct and I'm drawn to glance through my previous night's dream. Something, I can't recall just what, is calling me. My last recorded dream describes a small fetish wearing blue and wrapped with a leather cord. I can call up the image as vividly now as I experienced it in the dream. I was curious about it but gave it no other thought once I began my day. Ingerman and Wesselman describe such a stick with some yarn wrapped around it and perhaps a letter or picture.

The synchronicity of these events is staggering. I have been given an answer to the question I'd posed before dreaming the other night How can I move forward and manifest my dream workshops? and was shown a vehicle to help make it so. To make it all the more clear I was provided with a book that explains just what this is, how to make it and its ceremonial purpose.

As I walked today I meditated on these blockages, recalled my dream object and later crafted it out of found and natural objects. The monthly fire ceremony in Ancaster is tonight, I will go as planned and burn it all away.

Note: I haven't taken a picture of the object. Once it has served its purpose it is meant to be destroyed.


  1. Hi Nance
    Love your blog post. I am interested in buying the Pacific Voyager Cards, do you know where I can get them please?

    1. Hi Jay, I did reply to you, just put it in the wrong spot, see below.

  2. Hi Jay. thanks. I got the cards from Harriette and Birgit during that Lomi training as they'd brought some in from Hawaii. I picked up more decks when I was in Hawaii at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Centre. Here is the link to them direct from the source - Journey to Kanaka Makua I, just yesterday, posted a blog entry on my website AWAKENING CHOICE DREAMS using the card oracle and used the same picture.
    Thanks for playing the synchronicity game with me today :)

  3. Hi Nance
    Another interested person in the beautiful cards from Gregg Scott. The Kanaka Makua Pacific Voyager cards. I tried the link above but did not work. Do you have another idea how I can get the card set?
    Thanks a lot and have a great time!


    1. Hi Marlis, sorry I'm so late in responding and that the link didn't work. I've sent you some suggestions via e-mail.

  4. Hi Nance...I came across your blog while looking for some information. I also have and use my Kanaka Makua deck as I need guidence with dreams as well as waking experiences... I'm not sure why, but I feel compelled to share my days experience with you as I was led here for a reason...Well today I pulled a card but noticed that my explaination sheet was missing so I put it my pocket and on my way I went. I thought perhaps I had left it at work or in my purse... Not finding it at the office I set it on my desk and got busy with my day.. ( I am a medical massage therapist btw) As the day went on I asked the universe for my truth to be revealed as I did not know what the card meant (this is the first time I have pulled this card) And let me tell you what...did my truth ever reach me... I knew that perhaps there was more for me to learn than just what was on that sheet, but I had NO idea how much :-) Mahalo for your blog and your blessings. Shawna

    1. Hi Shawna, mahalo for sharing your experience,it's great to hear from you. These cards have been such a great tool for navigating my way through OR (ordinary reality aka daily, waking life) and you're right, the info on the sheet is just the starting point. As I've worked with the cards I find my daily experience tells me so much more.
      The cards are very popular with my clients who come for my bodywork sessions and know that mind, psyche, spirit and emotions need to be heeded as well. Many - especially my lomi and hot stone clients, ask for the cards finding that they provide insight into what's resonating with them at this moment and how to move on in a positive and empowered manner.