Friday, June 3, 2011

dreaming future

I woke up Wednesday morning without recalling a dream. But I noticed as lay there, rooting through what dream memories that could be stored away in the cells of my brain and body, that I felt exceptionally relaxed.  All my muscles felt like butter and my lungs seemed recharged by oxygen-rich, pure, mountain air. It was the kind of feeling one gets a few days into a vacation when you finally realize that nothing needs to be done; all effort to DO can be dropped and just BEING is the gift of the moment. Then there's the extra charge that comes when you realize that vacation's nowhere near being over, more vacation days lie ahead which ramps up your enjoyment ten-fold as you bask in this delight filled awareness!

I was able to sustain this sensation/experience for at least 15 minutes during which time, an image of a large wooden lodge-like centre came into focus. I was viewing it from a distance. The glow of the lodge's amber lights, warmed my soul on a clear, balmy, breezy summer's evening. The lodge overlooked a lake which beckoned me to dive into its waters...

So, this was not really a dream, but, an image captured from a felt sense that leaves me wondering. Did I dream the future?

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