Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A simple yoga life

Yoga can be done almost anywhere. I have done my yoga practice:
  • in a crowded family room at my family's home while everyone was watching TV
  • in a relatively secluded corner in the airports departures lounge
  • in my Dad's hospital room during my "Dad watch" stint 
  • on campsites throughout the country
  • on the beach at Jan's sister's cottage 
My in-laws' spare bedroom
used for storage
They kindly cleared a space for my practice
when we were in Campbell River
I have not done yoga in India.

Yoga can be done almost any time of the day. I have done it at almost all hours of the day and night. Spring prompts me to do earlier practices; winter lures me into midnight ones.

I haven't done yoga earlier than 6 a.m.

Yoga can be done alone or in the company of others. I have done my practice with:
Flip helping me in Virasana
She does a fabulous abdominal massage
when I'm in Supta Virasana
(Reclined Hero pose)
  • my pets crowded around the mat
  • friends' little children participating with me, most notably Sarah and downward dog all those years ago
  • my brother heckling me
I haven't done yoga posing in front of an elephant nor balancing on perilous precipices.

I have done yoga wearing:
  • nothing at all (in the privacy of my own home)
  • a bathing suit
  • yoga wear
  • jeans and a sweater
I prefer to do yoga in my PJ's.


  1. Hey Nance,

    You were my yoga instructor at Sheridan! You are awesome and I totally miss your teaching style. I've started doing my own practices at home, and just roll-out my mat in between my desk and bookcase in my second bedroom/office/yoga studio/junk storage room. It's squishy, but there is way more room compared to those packed yoga studios now.

    Keep up the good yoga posts! :)


  2. Hi Lexie. It's so great to hear from one of the Sheridan gang! I'm happy to hear that you've continued with your practice. I hope it enriches your life as it has mine.
    Thanks for the kind words.