Friday, September 10, 2010

Reality Check

A headline in the local newspaper the other day was: ELDERLY MAN DIES IN CRASH. He crashed his car "when it appears he went into medical distress". As the details unfolded I envisioned a grey haired gent in his late 70's on his way to his maker only to find that the man was...60.

That's right six-oh, 60, sixty years old, and he's considered elderly. I almost went into shock when I read this. The reporter who wrote the piece is, obviously, barely out of his teens. To consider that a man of 60 has (as Wikitionary's definition of elderly states) "lived for relatively many years" is reasonable but "elderly" doesn't take into account that he probably felt in his prime until "wham" his time was up. It just seems a disservice.

Close to 60 myself, I can accept that I would be, in aboriginal terms, considered an elder. I feel entitled to embrace the hard earned wisdom that the term of respect implies I've gained over the years. But I guess that would make me elderly which is so remote from the word elder. Wikipedia states that, the term elderly "implies or means that the person is retired" which can vary according to the country that one lives in.

Now I know why I have such an aversion to the idea of retirement - I still see myself as a relatively young person. But I guess it is more correct to say that I am youthful or young at heart. But, if I was to die tomorrow the headline would read, ELDERLY WOMAN CROAKS and that sucks. I would be soooo turning in my grave. But really, I won't give a shit by then so what gives?

Today the paper also announced: BEIBER MEMORABILIA SELLING ON eBAY. At the time of the report, a bid of more than $3,500. was reached for a signed school yearbook. Somehow that just seems wrong. The kid's barely a warm bun  out of the oven; I have dust bunnies older than Justin Beiber. I know that admitting this makes me a candidate for WHAT NOT TO WEAR but I have a sweater that is as old as his grandfather.

I know the term memorabilia really is synonymous with the word memento but, it has connotations of nostalgia and history.

I'm waiting for his memoirs. I hear their coming out next week. That should be exciting!
(I started going grey at 30) Nance Thacker copyright 1984
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    (Not really a post/comments but I couldn't find an email address to contact you!) I enjoyed listening to you read last night at CJs ... I doubt you remember me but Rod has reno'd most of my house (and my previous one) and you did most of the black and white tile in my bathroom for him! I thought I recognized you last night and then I didn't get a chance to talk to you and you'd left by the time it was over. I found your blog and would like to link to it from mine ... and was hoping you might like to do the same for me (the more we share, the more hits we get) I'm at: ( - some of the 'issues' are the same (aging us; aging parents) Let me know and say hi to Rod for me (I'll be in touch with him again soon!)

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