Friday, May 28, 2010

The ball is cast

Synchronicity (I know it is more accurately referred to as coincidence but I use the word synchronicity because it sounds more fun and magical) at its finest:

For this entry blame:
  • Scott Adams of Dilbert
  • and Lynden Blades who hosts a website offering free juggling lessons
  • Rod Kimball of the Flying Kamarazov Brothers
I'll take you back to how it all started. It was a dark and stormy, actually it was a sunny, Monday morning; just last week in fact.

FIRST EVENT - the unexceptionable beginning
While walking with Glyn and Jack down to the beach I began to juggle, and, since Jack knows how to juggle as well, we tried and failed miserably to juggle the 3 balls between us as we walked, so we changed the game. The "juggler" would walk while juggling until they either dropped the balls or lost control in a way that made them loose their rhythm (running after the balls not allowed) after which the balls would be passed off to the other person.

This got me talking about the Flying Kamarazov Brothers who I'd seen over 20 years ago in a venue in Toronto.

Oddly enough there was, at that same time, an informally formed group of juggling animators at Sheridan College during my student animator days and I'd hoped to drop in some time and join the fun. This is what the juggling clubs — now in the possesion of destined juggler extraordinaire Latisha LaFlamme - were intended for. But, the course took all my waking and sleeping hours to such an extent that my family thought I still lived out west and Rod began wondering who belonged to the pink toothbrush littering his bathroom counter top.

SECOND EVENT - the seed is sown
Tuesday night I read Scott Adams blog entry COINCIDENCE which got me thinking wow I really haven't had any incidences in a long while.

THIRD EVENT - a little aside, but still relevant
Next, my juggling balls are well worn, I did a lousy job of re-taping them and they are in need of re-taping or at least repair. So the on Wednesday night I googled how to make your own juggling balls and perused a number of different sites, but the one that got my attention was that of Lynden Blades when he ended his lesson with the request to, "Help me teach as many people around the world, for free, to juggle and spread the happiness around."

To my mind, this is an honourable goal that, just that night before surfing the net, I'd begun considering doing myself. I'm not that great a juggler so go to his site here and my contribution to spreading world domination by jugglers is complete.

Juggling is a happy pursuit. Yes, it can be frustrating but no one is holding a gun to your head commanding you to, "Juggle damn you or I'll shoot you in the foot." It's always, "Dance damn you or I'll shoot you in the foot." Isn't it?

FOURTH EVENT - the completion
Last night I go into my dashboard and find not one but 2 comments have been left regarding my last blog entry. Oh boy, oh boy I was sooo excited!!!

The comments were from some guy named Rod Kimball, OK so it's a bit of a promo, but it's for juggling (and world domination of...) and he's taken the time to comment on the entry, sure what the heck I'll allow it, this time. And, then a small voice says, wait shouldn't yo
u check to make sure this site is one you'd want to have on your blog after all in hypnosis you don't just let anyone into your safe, happy place, why should you let just anyone onto your comment space.

Good point. So, listening to the wisdom of my inner voice I checked it.

OMG, I couldn't believe it: that someone's out there, that they found my site and are also a juggler (How did that happen? This web world is truly amazing.), that they took the
time to comment...AND, AND...that he's a FLYING KAMARAZOV BROTHER! The COINCIDENCE blog that Adams wrote, which I read, set in motion a coincidence stream that has been completed in this very cool, totally unpredictable way!

I LOVE COINCIDENCES they are magical!

Thanks Rod for taking the time to comment (check out comments at the bottom of the previous post - he also teaches juggling) and for your participation in this event. And, thanks to anyone who stumbles upon this site for reading. I hope it's as fun for you to read as it is for me to write. Have a great one and keep those balls in the air!

Everyone needs a cool juggling bag and this is mine. It used to be my alley bag when I was a kid.

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  1. Wow, I thought I was a wordsmith, but your posts put me to shame! It must take so much time to keep posting all this stuff on your blog! It took me hours just to figure out how to set up a simple blog page and post it! You are an inspiration to us all!

    BTW, I've been trying to figure out how to put one of these neat "post a comment" windows on my blog page - could you please tell me how you did it?

    Muchas gracias:-)